11:11:11 Portal

Well Beloveds

…. this Year just keeps getting more intense with the incoming  frequencies and light codes.

And as we are about to move through the powerful 11:11:11 Portal or Time Gate of Initiation on November 11th, we will be heralding a new reality and level of Light frequency will be available to us all. (If we are prepared)

Earth is shifting and we are moving into a new reality, and many people are conscious of this on some level.

​11:11:11 a triple energy master portal and is all about upgrading our light bodies to further our evolution. It is a dimensional sign of our changing times, and it signals that you also are at one with this shift, and a part of all of this change. It is like a powerful transmission of higher peace and light energy.

Everything is energy and earth is a conscious, sentient being, as are we.

11:11:11 is a sign of the times, quite literally. It is a signpost that we are entering a new reality on earth – that time is speeding up and that we are accelerating into a higher consciousness.

It is a signal that it is a new earth we are birthing, especially since the great shifts in energy we have been experiencing.  11:11:11 as an Activation Code ! It acts as a kind of triggered reminder of our infinite connection with Spirit and how powerful the universe works behind the scenes. It is a captured moment of time wherein Divine synchronicity and magic is manifested. It is about spiritual attune-ment and metamorphosis.​

So, in this portal or gateway, we can open up new DNA upgrades, new information (light) downloads, cryptograms and codes which are designed to expand and increase our ability to live and experience our personal mastery in new and exciting ways.

The 11.11.11 date is coveted because each of the six ‘1’s represent the Sun, which is worshiped by many ancient cultures as the giver of life.

We are going through massive upheavals, moving through times that we have never experienced before. We have been asked to break old habits that we created from an early age and turn from old behaviors that no longer serve us and no longer serve the planet and our communities.

The focus of 2018 (11) has been all about stepping into the next level of Personal Mastery. We have had a lot of opportunity to recognize parts of our personality or ego that are ready to shift. This showed up in a lot of different ways… some great, some not so great and has been an ongoing process throughout this year.

As I have reminded you many times before, this journey of awakening is an INSIDE JOB, and just as it’s important to celebrate the areas where you’ve really seen the growth….its also important to get some perspective and to be very honest with ourselves regarding our patterns and our areas of distortion.

Until ALL of our “selves” are united and integrated into the light, we are perpetuating the separation consciousness and delaying moving into the Unity consciousness. We are also blocking more light (information) from entering.

We are being asked to create a New World, New Ways of thinking on a scale we have never experienced before.

We are being asked to create new communities, by coming and working together, sharing with a new mind, a higher conscious mind, to become a more aware and knowing being, to bring in more Soul and to grow and expand as a collective and cohesive community. All this and more is asked of us to change our world. And all of course is Free Will.

I am going to be offering a Sacred Journey Gathering this year on the 11th November 2018 (2018 adds up to the Number 11) at 11:11 am for all those that are guided and feeling like they would like to deepen the opportunities for transcendence that this date in time are offering you.  So it will be the 11.11.11.at 11.11am – It will be another 10 years before these powerful number sequence will be repeated!

 The energy exchange for the day will be by a donation of $20 and will be held at my home in Diamond Beach where we can utilise the High Frequency of the Pyramid to intensify and channel the incoming light.

On this Day you will participate in a beautiful Sacred Journey Activation Session during which you will receive Galactic Activations, DNA Codes and Healing to recalibrate your mental, emotional and your soul body, Multi-dimensional frequencies, Chakra upgrades, Light language and after lunch you will participate in a Sound Healing Journey with the Angelic and very gifted Sound Healer Jessica.

For those that are not able to travel to Diamond Beach, a recorded Mp3 will be available for you to download before the event and listen to at 11:11 am on that day.

This will enable you to tune in at the same time 11.11 and be in unity with every one else.

You are welcome to bring along your drums and stay for a Drumming/Sound Circle afterwards Grounding these energies both more fully into ourselves and into the earth.

Please Click on Link to Find out More:

11.11.11 Ceremony Event

Until We Meet in the Physical

May Your Journeys be Blessed with Love and Light