Activating and Reprogramming Your DNA


LIVE Online Workshop:

Activating and Reprogramming Your DNA

This will be a 12 week Experiential set of Processes to Heal, Clear and Layer

Your fields with Divine Frequencies. Activating and re-programming your DNA

In this 12 week Workshop you will be participating in Activations and Processes designed to facilitate your maximum embodied awakening. The primary focus of Embodiment of the Higher Self, Galactic Self or Solar Cosmic Christed Self (which ever term or level you choose), is in order to become pure conduits of these unique and powerful ascension frequencies we are being blessed with on the Planet at this time. With Higher Self embodiment, you become a pathway for Divinity to unlock sacred codes in the grids, including the Human Heart Grid. Embodiment of the Solar Self can unlock intergalactic and inter- dimensional stargates to assist the Ascension process, not only in yourself but for all sentient beings as well as Mother Earth herself.

Each week will build on the next as we experience this Sacred Journey Together. This workshop series will be Interactive and each session will be highlighted by the Sacred Activational Journeys will will embark on.

You can share these sessions in real time, as well as, receive the MP3 Recording.  If you are unable to attend on the night or you wish to add deeper layers to each weeks processes, just listen to the recording and  you will receive the same frequencies that presented on the night.

All Sessions are at 7 pm AEST via ZOOM


Week 1. Forgiveness and Divine Love Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Week 2. Healing Chambers of Light Wednesday 9th May 2018
Week 3. Light Dimensions Attunements Wednesday 16th May 2018
Week 4. Implant and Entity Clearing Wednesday 23rd May 2018
Week 5. Soul Retrieval Wednesday 30th May 2018
Week 6. Healing Wounds of Divine Masculine & Feminine Archetype Wednesday 6th June 2018
Week 7. Twin Flame Re-Union Wednesday 13th June 2018
Week 8. Accessing the Akashic Records and Past Lives Wednesday 20th June 2018
Week 9. Embrace of the Ego/Inner Child Wednesday 27th June 2018
Week 10. Cellular Clearing & Align into Original Divine 8 Cell Blueprint Wednesday 4th July 2018
Week 11. Christ Consciousness Soul Purpose Activation Wednesday 11th July 2018
Week 12. Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Activation Wednesday 18th July 2018

Approximate Running Time: 1.5 – 2 hrs per week.

Includes an Mp3 Recording of each session imbued with the high frequency energies of the night.

If you feel this kind of immersion and support is something that you desire, if you are interested in receiving deeper ongoing healing support through live weekly Awakening sessions – Community – Star Family & Soul Family interactions – If you love Experiential Processes – Meditation – Visioning, and Personal Attention that Nourishes and Expands you on a Soul level, then …. I invite you to come and immerse yourself in this Experience with Me.

” I have seen the work of many practitioners over the years of my spiritual path, and the insight and energetic shifts that Juanita offered during her 12 week course was among the best I have experienced.  Highly recommended for those seeking to increase their understanding and Souls progress” 
And great value 😊 
  Love & Blessings, Wazza


Early Bird Package Price: $132.00 (Only $11 per Session)


Normal Package Price: $180.00 ($15 per Session)


Casual Weekly Price: $20.00 per Session


If you feel this kind of immersion and support is something that you desire, I invite you to come and immerse yourself in this Experience with Me.

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