Amazing Womb Healing to Access Your God/dess Power

Your Womb Centre is your ‘creativity centre’, through which you can create anything in your life and in the world. It is the spark of creation that makes anything possible. It is the Body’s Energetic Power Centre. A soul with brilliant creativity, radiance and supernatural ability has a powerful, purified Womb Chakra.

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The Womb Centre can be described as an organic energetic centre and is present in men and women — (as opposed to the womb organ) and is your deepest point of power in this physical incarnation. The Womb lies deep in your body, but can often be hidden out of sight and out of consciousness, where she holds old wounds and traumas that need to be healed for us to reach our highest creative potential. The Womb is considered to be a feminine energy centre of consciousness and energy present in both sexes. Just as the Earth is a representation of the Wombs divine Feminine energy and holds old wounds and traumas that need to be healed for the collective.

Since the Womb is a feminine centre that receives and holds energy and information, she receives and stores significant amounts of other people’s wounded or unresolved energy. This is particularly true for those that are Empaths.

It is a powerful experience to hold a healing intention to consciously clear and release others people’s energy from the Womb, along with any conscious or unconscious agreements you may have made that allow others to invade us energetically, or allow us to take on and store the energetic and emotional wounding of others. So too in connecting and healing this powerful energy centre in ourselves, we allow this process to also heal the wounds held by our precious Mother Earth.

As the Womb clears, many people begin to challenge and change the sexual and energetic dynamics of their relationships and, for example, will no longer tolerate any kind of invasion or abuse from others, whether obvious or subtle.

Your Wombs hold the ancestral memories of difficult and violent epochs where Womb energy was invaded, damaged and suppressed and where the relationship between men and women was coloured by patriarchal religious and social patterns.

Healing the Womb with Light and Intention is a necessary process towards balanced energies of the divine masculine and feminine.  Once you have forged a conscious physical connection to the Womb through your breath, you can now turn to the important task of healing old and residual energies from the Womb. This is one of the most important things that humanity can do at this time as the Womb encodes much of humanity’s patriarchal trauma.

You can now harness your forgotten magical power, that is your ability to use light, intention and attention as a direct way to foster healing and transformation in your entire being, from your subtle energy bodies down to your cellular structures and DNA.

You can program light for a specific purpose and this is something simple and does not require years of spiritual training or initiation. When you embrace the fact that you are the sovereign ruler of your own energy, and that light and energy respond to your intention, then deep Womb healing through light becomes accessible and possible for all of us and thus the Planet.

You can invite in the exact and specific frequency of light that will penetrate all the organs and tissues of the Womb Centre, and that will clear and transform multidimensional energetic imprints, emotional cellular memory, DNA distortion and epigenetic patterning, and even physically stored tensions and traumas that are occupying the area of the Womb.

The Womb is a place where you receive and store energy, and she therefore also holds repressed anger, rage, and other toxic emotions that you have been unable to acknowledge, transform or release. When you clear and heal the old energies that have been accumulated in your Wombs, you can then consciously reclaim your Sacred Temple or Holy Grail. The Womb, for men and women, is the inviolable sacred space of I AM — the place where your divine nature as multi-dimensional creator beings is expressed through your physical incarnation.

You do this by consciously allowing your Womb light to shine out her light to create a clear sense of your personal energy space. This energy creates clear boundaries that help us define your personal energy space. Although you may be connected in love to everything around us, you also need to feel your individual edges and honour your own space if you are to discover who you truly are and honour your creative choices.

Once you are feeling clear in this energy space and able to consciously connect to the Womb, you can begin the beautiful journey of discovering the memory, wisdom and intuition you hold within us. The Womb is a deep centre of body-based intuition and a remarkable compass for your lives. She is also intimately connected to the feminine energies of the Mother Earth and the Galactic Centre meaning that you can draw on ancient planetary and galactic memory and knowledge through her.

The true nature of our wombs is to enjoy a beautiful, rich cascading flow of energy and love exchange with our planet. This opens us up to a deep level of trust where we come to realize that what our Mother Earth wants to do above all is to fill our lives with the abundance that is in fact our birth-right as her children. We can let life unfold joyfully without the need for fear and control.

It’s our fear and limitation that is blocking that natural flow of abundance. It is not surprising – we have experienced millennia of “survival fear” as we have spiritually disconnected from Earth and forgotten her sacredness. We have thought that instead of waiting to receive, we have to take from her. When we heal these old and wounded patterns and energetically re-plug into Mother Earth, our opened womb transforms our mind-set and we can trust that we will receive all that we need.

When you are more womb-centred you become more aware of your intuition and emotions. You feel more peaceful and grounded. And when you engage in spiritual practices that heal your past “womb-wounds” and open your womb space to receiving, true feminine magic begins to unfold as your creative power grows!

Womb Awakening is the most revolutionary force on the planet today, as the Womb holds the hidden keys to our capacity to create on all levels – from the awakening of our own spiritual and vital forces, to dreaming into being a New Earth. Womb Power Awakens!

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Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash