An Energy Update and Info Re Next Weeks Luna Eclipse Activation

Greetings Dear Ones,

Please feel free to listen to this Energy Update rather than read it on my You Tube Chnnel

We have just moved through months of continuous expansion in our lives individually and collectively across the Globe.

…Throughout this year …  certain dates were and (are) designated for specific ascension activity …, but – each of the dates from the recent Solstice,… to the Total Solar Eclipse, …. to the upcoming Lunar Eclipse and Lions Gate have heightened activity ….. both before, during and after each event.  And so -There is a great need to stay present every day and every moment…..  for what you have to be – and this will vary for each of you …..
Since the Solstice, we have taken considerable leaps in the Ascension process – even if it doesn’t quite feel like it yet owing to the battering some of our bodies and our emotions and energetic fields have had to endure ..… however … a New Frequency  – a new Celestial Key Code has streamed from the Galactic Centre into the Collective here on the Planet … and through these Very – Systematized frequency waves and geometric Galactic patterns …. the shockwaves have literally blitzed Earths electromagnetic field and in doing so – has literally reformed our own energetic structure ….  which is allowing even more of our Higher Dimensional aspects to begin merging into our earth bodies … and as we receive and virtually percolate in the massive plasma waves of God or Cosmic Consciousness … we have all been exposed to the experience of having our Cosmic consciousness entering into the body consciousness for maybe hours at a time for some of you  ….. and this may be experienced as a sort of increase in cell vibration within the body and a feeling of lightness and expansion in which an incredible knowing is present …. and where does this knowing come from ? well as I have talked about before … the light frequencies ARE information …..and thus to embody our higher dimensional selves  …. we bring in more light which is information into our physical bodies …. and of course this will vary depending on how far along your journey you are and how conscientiously you have been doing your clearing and healing work …..

And so this has created a situation where – you may have experienced days of extreme Bliss and others of great challenge requiring your attention…..

All of this activity (up to this date,) has deleted layers of cognitive reference points from this lifetime … and for those who are newer to this …. its actually deleted some of your deepest ideas of truth … and may have even had the effect of sending you spinning and spiralling up an entirely new evolutionary pathway …… and if this is the case for you – then you will now need to find new reference points …  within your times of meditation and going within – connecting to nature and doing your breathing ….. any practice of connecting to the Divine Cosmic Fields we do –  will assist to open a doorway for you to download and develop a new higher level of coherence and resonance with our Soul Selves …

Be mindful also that the waves have been – are – and will be  …. ever increasing in intensity  …. All of us will need to become proficient at stabilizing our energy fields … with-in these continuous and ever ascending spirals  … but despite these growth challenges the exciting thing is that we are developing brand new frequency fields of and for our progressive expansion ,… these portals and gateways of energy we find ourselves challenged with virtually weekly at the moment …. are expanding us at an unprecedented rate …. My answer to everything during these times ??? Drink Plenty of High Frequency Water !!!!    and Ground Ground Ground ….   Its essential

It is good to note also – that At every portal -, gateway –  and all Universal data transmission of dimensional energy …  there are sort of ‘sentries’ at the gates to insure that only those in a state of Divine-heart centered-ness, self-unity, and with a stabilized frequency  may pass through onto higher Light and deeper into the Infinite Self….. this is important because the passing through these Gateways in an un-conscious vessel  is not in keeping to the greater good of all and the divine plan …..    We are speeding forward into the time known as our Eternal Inheritance and Freedom.  And this is the reason we are being so comprehensively prepared to carry our New physical vehicle and our new Consciousness across into the higher Light (information) and Time Lines

So at this point –  we as the way-showers are now truly obligated to our Souls Embodiment – and we achieve this if we consciously work  to form an attuned grid…a consistent and solid frequency field within our bodies …. within our hearts …. and our minds – until we then have built a unified field between our hearts and our minds and our body consciousness ….whilst also being and resonating and embodying our powerful enlightened magnificent multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves …… Yes – We Are the New Human Forming in this very moment of now ….. and we are truly brave … and truly courageous and deeply deeply loved Dear Ones ….

During this period …., we have been on a journey of further self-discovery and exploration of what is holding us back,…. whether we wanted it or not!  … We have been challenged to face truths about ourselves …., to stand up and be responsible as the creator of our lives….. We are being challenged to see old and current situations with new eyes,…. new awareness and perspectives. And we all received prods (sometimes shoves) from within to make new choices…..

We were purged, upgraded and infused with New Light Codes which integrated and raised our vibrations.

Are you already one with all your fragmented selves? Have you woven your fragmented filaments of self back into your tapestry … back to your heart?

If so welcome to the next faze Beloveds!   You are now embarking, supported by these magnificent High Frequencies,  on a Journey to meet and work consciously with the “Higher Aspects of your Being”.

This is where the fun and magic really start! You will know it when you have reached it … this re-embodying of the magnificent you.

As we expand into higher realms of our experience. Embodying and Being even more as the Divine Being we are. We are transcending the human experience simply by the embodiment of more of our Galactic Selves. We are integrating all aspects of our self into a Whole and living as Divine in human form.

As you move through this month of July –  I am being asked to remind you… and I say … remind you  – because as Light Beings you already know this information,…. although in human form you may have forgotten….. And that is that  … there is no beginning and there is no end.  You are Energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed.  Therefore your are Eternal. A Creator Being. You create everything in your life.  Every situation in your life is self created….. And more and more each of us are taking back our power, waking up to who we truly can be as Divine, and moving forward creating according to our Soul’s Purpose Instead of focusing on an end game that doesn’t exist, You Are Eternal,  be present in the moment and have fun with your process.This lifetime is just a temporary blip in your existence.

And you are traveling through this dimensional shift with hyper-speed ….  it is paramount to pay attention to what is happening within you and around you. …. and As you do that try to just focus on the portions of your reality that are based on love …. as in every moment you are determining the direction of your trajectory.

July 16/17 Capricorn Full Moon (the initiate, the goat always gets to the top of the mountain and sees the whole view) we are beginning to see the evidence of all the hard work, suffering, sacrifice, determination to love no matter the experience we are in; flower and blossom like never before.
As we then come into Sun in Leo the sign of the Sun and heart where the light of the creator shines so bright for us to rejoice in all our surrender…. We move into the Lions Gate Portal on the 8th of the 8th (double infinity)

And so with the Planetary Alignments at the time of The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse next week it will stir up more deeply held unconscious memories and patterns for clearing but will also bring in inspiring new visions and intentions for the future….. During the Eclipse event we will be connecting more to the feminine warrior and know this frequency as alive and focused!

And the other major theme of the Lunar Eclipse involves ‘abuse of power’…., in particular aggressive patriarchal authority…. so There may be more dark secrets exposed!

For some of us …  there is a lot more going on in our own private missions with this work and a lot of that cannot be out in the public arena for obvious reasons until it is completed. As we cannot allow any interference at this time to disturb what will occur and for the protection of those whose mission it is to play their part….

So I invite you to join with me next week on Wednesday Night at 7 pm for the Full Moon Luna Eclipse Online Activation and Energy Update Session …… where we will be catapulted through that portal with pure intent ….. to meet with our True Divine Self and our galactic family of the Light. The Energy exchange for this event will be $20 and will be received with much Gratitude xxxx