Blessings Beloved Light Tribe!

Long time no hear from me!

Hope all your Holy-Days & New Year Celebrations were fabulous and filled with Love, Laughter & luscious food, family and friends 🙂

I apologise for not sending out a Newsletter for quite some time, however, I have been busy packing up my home at Yarramundi (near the Blue Mountains in Western Sydney) for the permanent move to Diamond Beach. (Four Hours North)

My partner and I have been half living at both places for 2 years, travelling the 4 hours up and down weekly or fortnightly … it’s been for me a case of 2 houses but no home … and although Diamond Beach is beautiful and the energies are clearer, I would be lying if I said it hadn’t taken a huge toll on me. My health and finances have suffered greatly and for me it has been especially hard to not have my roots down at either place – like most of you reading this having roots down are very important to me –– not to mention living out of a suitcase for 2 years and losing a precious day each week in packing and traveling and unpacking at the other end. I tried to remain positive during this time and focus on supporting my partners dreams & desires, however, my mojo had been somewhat depleted since I had had surgery a few months before so exhaustion reached the tipping point… and my world begun to come crumbling down.

In hindsight, it’s not surprising that by the time I packed everything from the Yarramundi house, out of sheer physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion & my financial stress, I found I had fallen out of my place of Grace … out of Being That Which I truly Am … in fact I had fallen so far I was unable to be my powerful amazing self at all! I had forgotten to love myself first and not push my wonderful faithful body to extremes and neglect my spiritual practices to try to please another.

One of the saddest thing one could ever see is a Star Being who has lost their Sparkling Star-lightbody!

I have nearly completed the unpacking and trying to fit 2 houses into one at Diamond Beach now, and, as part of the packing and unpacking, I have taken the time to cull what is no longer needed … to clean and clear out the old to make way for the new so to speak. I have taken the time to remove and throw away things rather than try to push more “stuff” on top of what was already there. It has been hard to let go of some of the things even though I knew that their time had passed. It was then it came to me the process my “home” was going through was the exact same process I was going through on an emotional and spiritual level… don’t you just love it when that light bulb gets switched on … don’t you just love the synchronicity of it all … how everything is a reflection 🙂

Just like the houses I was cleaning and reorganising and packing up and clearing out, we too go through cycles of cleansing as we traverse the ascension process, and it can feel disheartening when going through a clearing, can’t it?

Old symptoms, behaviour patterns and negative emotions show up to cause seeming suffering and all that is not honouring us, serving us or that is robbing us of our light suddenly becomes accentuated. And in a sense it doesn’t get easier because the higher you go, the further you fall it may seem. Meaning, when you touch the unutterable Divinity, it actually gets more difficult to accept the times of cleansing because you feel you’ve come so far, how can ‘this’ be happening again?

And yet, each time you go through a cleansing, you utilize that cleansing to expand your light ever infinitely outwards and most importantly inwards. Just as clearing and cleaning out the old dark corners and culling your cupboards in your home makes everything sparkle with a new light and clears spaces for more light to shine through. In the darkest spaces of this process for us is the opportunity to choose anew what you desire for yourself, what is important to you, what feels loving to you, where love is lacking, what brings joy, happiness peace and harmony to you, what brings You pleasure and what does Not – it highlights where you feel things need to be discarded as no longer serving Your Highest Good or purpose – to let go of the old that threatens to extinguish your light or that does not make you shine. And with this awareness you discover and integrate the true lesson at the next level.

So Dear Ones when you find yourself going through one of these dark nights of the soul, just allow without resistance … be very kind to yourself and do not be pressured into rushing the process, please allow it to run it’s course. For another important Gem I have garnered from these processes is that what you resist persists. In allowing the process without resistance, you will always find a diamond inside that pile of black coal dust … and that Diamond my divine ones is You.

So Sweet Amazing Light Family, I urge you to keep moving forward with strength and determination. Do your daily connecting to the Sacred Mother earth and the Divine even when it feels like nothing is connecting or happening … even when your light has gone out. Be reborn anew from the Seed of Creation into even more of the Radiant Light Being you are.

May peace, balance, Love and harmony be with you always within, and so without.

You’re never alone sweet ones … even in your darkest hour you are surrounded by loving beings, and by Earth Angels that without you having to say a word see your pain and anguish and reach out to give you comfort and support. I Am truly blessed and Grateful for those Angels and for This amazing Journey of self discovery.

Keep an eye out in the next week for the next Newsletter – it is all about the powerful Full Blue Moon eclipse on the 31st January (it’s actually a full moon, a super moon, a blue moon + a red moon!!! Yeehhaaa … so much to be excited about this year … and so many new things I have to offer you all ….. can’t wait to share …..

Blessings Light and Love always,