Blood Moon ECLIPSE with All Planets In DIRECT Motion

Greetings Divine Ones

BIG things happening energetically as we are only a couple of days away from the Full Super Wolf Blood Moon ECLIPSE …. and to add to this power event, we are in a very rare solar event occurring now, where ALL PLANETS ARE IN DIRECT MOTION ….. I know all you sensitives would have been feeling the direct motion of these planets since 1st January this Year (although it officially didn’t start till the 6th) and I am feeling it will be Life Changing for everyone that is at that vibrational level. The vibrations of the solar system will be providing some of their strongest solar assistance for those who are prepared!
These planetary alignments will have had a direct effect and created major shifts on an area in your life which was negative/corrupt or toxic and that’s been draining you, worrying you and preventing you from moving forward with your life. This shift would have begun may from as far back as 1st Dec 2018 – however Jan 1st was the actual “D” day so to speak.
On January 21st, we will experience a Full Super Wolf Blood Moon, as well as a Full Lunar Eclipse.
Although not visible from Australia we will most certainly feel its effects dear ones.
This eclipse marks both endings and beginnings, as this past few days have been a final push of “out with the old”, and starts what can be seen as a clean slate.
We are undergoing a Universal cycle of great change, and there many opportunities to transmute this energy and create our desires.
It’s heralding an opportunity for a huge jump/shift from the matrix programming and mass templates and a profound plunge into “Who We Truly Are” and to understanding esoteric truths in a much more Integrated and EXISTENT way.
Its all about jumping out of the Matrix and establishing a new set point to a Much Higher Quantum Field/Dimension. A New Template Embodiment so to speak.

To assist those that are ready to embrace this on a deeper level and are feeling guided, I have attached a link to an Activation which will not only assist to clear out the residual “old/ toxic/bad stuff” but will also help to integrate your wonderful New Body/Field Template on a Much Higher trajectory.

If you are feeling Guided to this Activation, The Energy Exchange for this is only $25.00
Please click the Link below to purchase and listen to this any time on the day of the eclipse 🙂

Many Blessings
Much Love and an Infinity of Light Precious Hearts 
Juanita xxxx