What Fragmented Parts of You Need Rescuing?

Greetings Dear Ones,

We have just moved through 2 months of continuous expansion in our lives individually and collectively across the Globe. The 31st of January marked the start of our first Eclipse Season of the year which concluded with March Equinox – which we All know was one powerful energy cycle During that period, we have been on a journey of further self-discovery and exploration of what is holding us back, whether we wanted it or not! We have been challenged to face truths about ourselves, to stand up and be responsible as the creator of our lives. We are being challenged to see old and current situations with new eyes, new awareness and perspectives. And we all received prods (sometimes shoves) from within to make new choices. We were purged, upgraded and infused with New Light Codes which integrated and raised our vibrations. This renewal process allows us to burst forth with new light and allows us to embody more and more of the Higher Frequencies.  It seems now that in every moment, we are in a flow of energy transmission, with each platform we springing up to the next in ever quickening cycles. We are calling back more and more of our fragmented selves, our separated or shadow aspects of self, into the Whole. What fragmented parts of yourself need rescuing? What are the parts of you that are buried away in a dark cave without light, sustenance or love since childhood?

I found one precious little fragmented part of myself nestled just below my left shoulder … when I was in meditation one day …. she reminded me of her existence with a painful (and persistent) jab …. however she wasn’t in a dark cave … Oooohh no …  a cave didn’t offer enough protection for her !   She had herself hunkered down and locked in an army tank! Yes you heard right! … and when I tried to reach her she pointed the canon at me and threatened to blow me to pieces if I came any closer.                   Oh yes, she was spitting and cursing … pure wildcat with razor sharp claws and fire flashing from her eyes! Super angry and filled with rage ….. to put it mildly …. She was Most unwelcoming, un-trusting and let me tell you … she was hard work to win over … even after I managed to coax her into opening up the hatch of the tank  … Not that I blamed her at all, for I knew how she ended up there, inside her fortress of protection, how I had promised to come back for her when it was safe – but fell into a deep amnesia about her very existence ….. that precious wounded little soul fragment of me … left by the wayside , suffering and in pain .. and I had abandoned her just as she had been denied the protection and love that she so richly deserved by the adults in her life – denying her all these years.

Our gathering and re-merging of All of our aspects is foremost in our current missions as it is through this re-merging, (which is the re-embodying of the fragmented parts of ourselves) that we return to Unity, we become One. This is so important Dear Ones for we are in a process of re-uniting and re-merging with All aspects of Ourselves, those aspects both Greater (vibrating at a higher level) and lesser (vibrating at a lower level) … including the lost and forgotten ..for without them we can never be whole and it is “wholeness” or a return to “unity” that is the catalyst for our forward movement and our Ascensions. In fact it is the pivotal point, the fulcrum that will balance out our very Beings.

On the other hand Dear Ones…. Are you further along this journey and already one with all your fragmented selves? Have you woven your fragmented filaments of self back into your tapestry … back to your heart?  If so welcome to the next phase Beloveds! In the Next Article we will talk more about our Higher Vibrating aspects and how they are presenting to us now….exciting times … keep Journeying Forward dear ones for this is a year of magic and miracles xxxx And to Assist you all along in this year if Miracles and magic …… Drum Roll ….. 

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Blessings Love and Light to You and Yours