Calling All Awakening Ones!

November 10 2017 = 10-11-10 or 1-1-1-1
November 11 2017 = 11-11-1 = 1-1-1-1-1 – A Powerful Time for New Beginnings

Can you hear the Call of Urgency?

If you are resonating and vibrating in a higher dimensional state then as a rule you have vibrated out of the ego mind and into the I Am or your Higher Self state of being.
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Do you wonder why you see 11:11 so often? And wonder why you feel a sense of joy or comfort when you do?
Those numbers are a code for us to remember who we are and why we came to earth at this time. 11:11 is an activator to help us wake up when it is time to embrace our spiritual path and mission. 11:11 is a portal, a collective, high-vibration opening to assist the evolution of consciousness on the Earth. 11:11 is always a portal; however, some years are stronger than others. New Light frequencies are enabling this 2017 11:11 Portal to move you into your original blueprint, your most divine essence! In addition, there will be an activation of everyone’s Light Body, uniting us together, in oneness with The All That Is. They our Galactic Family are calling Awakening Humanity to a higher space of service during this powerful time. They are organising a Divine Plan that will allow us to unify our Hearts and effectively expand our Lightwork. I have never felt such an urgent, yet expectant, request… there is a real sense and energy of quickening which has been escalating throughout this year. Our Higher Selves have guided us through countless experiences over many lifetimes designed to awaken us, and to prepare us to be able to stay focused on the Light of our Heart Space in the face of all adversity. As we have moved through our life times of this training we have woven a golden which when viewed from afar resembles a dream catcher. Each one of us is an integral thread and are woven into the “Collective Dream Tapestry”. This is now the moment which we have all been preparing. It is through our united efforts that Humanity will transcend the surfacing negativity. Together we will assist this precious Planet.

It is the intent of Source through this 11:11 portal to greatly empower what each of as has volunteered to do and add to the Ascension Light of this Planet. Through our conscious willingness and our insistence of staying focused on the Light we begin to understand that without our individual golden threads the Dream Catcher weave is incomplete – there is a pronounced need for our individual contributions at this time on the planet, to step up and take our place, remember our mission and the Divine Plan – to embody our Power and majesty.

Through the next couple of days we will be gifted with a thousand times more assistance from on High, in the form of High Frequencies, as they utilise the 10:11:10 energy on Friday (2017 is a 10) and merge it into the 11;11;10 portal of Saturday. They will be flooding the Universal Grid of Love with an influx of the highest light possible filled with new keys and codes for us to embody. We as Light Workers are woven intricately into this Universal Grid of Love via our golden threads and if we remain focused have the opportunity of a Quantum Leap up the Ascension ladder.

This Is being gifted to you precious hearts as the Light Workers, so you may assist those on the planet who are still “asleep” and in pain and suffering so that they may reconnect to the Light of their Higher Selves and begin their Awakening. You dear ones along with millions of others around the Planet have agreed to caringly agreed to hold the sacred space for our struggling Sisters and Brothers and you have been granted all the necessary tools to accomplish this.

Once you start benefiting from this monumental influx of Light and realize the incredible assistance we are receiving from On High, you will no longer feel afraid, helpless or hopeless. On the contrary, you will feel greatly empowered. You will see yourself and all others as the magnificent Light Being that they are.

I invite you to accept this call and Step into your Power, Magnificence and Brilliance! Raise your Vibrational Frequency, through Embodying your “I AM Presence” (which is Divine Source energy, expressing through you as you) And to connect into Universal Grid of Love with conscious intent.

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Blessing Love and Light