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Energy Alert !! Oooowweee …… Can you feel it ?

Greetings and Blessings Divine Ones,

Energy Alert !!       Oooowweee …… Can you feel it ?  

 If like me, you are an Empath, a Grid-worker or an Energy Sensitive, then you have seen and felt this coming for months: So what is The Big Thing happening mid-March ?

We are entering into the most amazing grouping of portals which are aligning with each other in such an unprecedented way and... read more

Close Encounters Conference in Coffs Harbour

Close Encounters Conference in Coffs Harbour

Well it’s only a couple more days until the Close Encounters Conference in Coffs Harbour… I am getting excited now!!

It is events like this one that are assisting to bring to light the truth about our Galactic Heritage and paves the way for open discussions and research on a subject that for far too long has been ridiculed by many. What will it take for the wider community to be open to the possibility that there is not only life on other Planets but that... read more

4 Day Immersion Retreats

A Profound and completely Enlightening 4 day Retreat in which you will be submerged in Healings, Activations, and Teachings. Where you will be immersed in pure high frequencies in everything you do including the pure activated water you drink, the whole and organic food you eat and the Activations and Healings for 4 full days. This 4 day retreat offers you a chance to participate in a full spectrum of clearing, releasing and upgrading of mind body and soul.... read more

Embodiment of Your Ascended or Higher Self

Calling All Star Seeds We Gather Together for

​​​​​​​Fun, Solidarity and Deep Personal Change

In this 2 day intensive we will be participating in Activations and Processes designed to facilitate your maximum embodied awakening. The primary focus of Embodiment of the Higher Self, Galactic Self or Solar Cosmic Christed Self (which ever term or level you choose), is in order to become pure conduits of these unique and powerful... read more

Meeting Your Galactic Light Family - Mini Workshop

Meeting Your Galactic Light Family – Mini Workshop

In each of our lives, there is a defining moment. That moment when there is a sudden and pronounced pause between the Breaths… a catalyst if you will which virtually catapults you into a Whole New World. That pressure washes the scale from your eyes and enables you to see clearly for the very first time… that moment for me was my first contact with my Galactic Family…

Meet Your Galactic ‘Star Family’ and Your Starseed Origin

All of humanity has ancestral... read more

Close Encounters Conference in Coffs Harbour

Close Encounters Conference

Close Encounters Conference
Are You Ready For Contact
19 & 20 January 2018 – Coffs Harbour NSW

✨ I will be Speaking as an experiencer at the Close Encounters Conference in Coffs Harbour in January 😊 Looking forward to finally sharing my story… to finally speaking out about what I have experienced and how it completely changed my life. 🌺 Myself and many others have been silenced by the negative stigmas associated with “coming... read more

Sacred Meditation Journeys and Psychic Development

I Facilitate Weekly Groups of Higher Connection Journey Work at Yarramundi and at Diamond Beach.

The Groups are a supportive and loving environment for you to gently awaken and connect to your Families of Light … and your gifts, abilities and powers … to receive answers and guidance on your path and Activations to accelerate your re-membering and re-connection to the Star Beings

In these Activational classes you WILL connect to your Higher Power, your Higher self... read more