Close Encounters Conference in Coffs Harbour

Well it’s only a couple more days until the Close Encounters Conference in Coffs Harbour… I am getting excited now!!

It is events like this one that are assisting to bring to light the truth about our Galactic Heritage and paves the way for open discussions and research on a subject that for far too long has been ridiculed by many. What will it take for the wider community to be open to the possibility that there is not only life on other Planets but that we are being visited by intergalactic beings? That we are ourselves descendants of Intergalactic Beings and are going through the process of awakening to that which we are.

It is the people behind these events and their drive and commitment to bringing about disclosure that will bring down the veils which have kept important information from the general public and allow that very same general public to begin to question, see and then know the reality of our existence, the role we are to play and the place we hold in the Universe.

Many Blessings Beautiful Beings of Light,