Embodiment of Your Ascended or Higher Self

Calling All Star Seeds We Gather Together for

​​​​​​​Fun, Solidarity and Deep Personal Change

In this 2 day intensive we will be participating in Activations and Processes designed to facilitate your maximum embodied awakening. The primary focus of Embodiment of the Higher Self, Galactic Self or Solar Cosmic Christed Self (which ever term or level you choose), is in order to become pure conduits of these unique and powerful ascension frequencies we are being blessed with on the Planet a this time. With Higher Self embodiment, you become a pathway for Divinity to unlock sacred codes in the grids, including the Human Heart Grid. Embodiment of the Solar Self can unlock intergalactic and interdimensional stargates to assist the Ascension process, not only in yourself but for all sentient beings as well as Mother Earth herself.

Lifting and Expanding of our powerful heart centres, expansion of our consciousness, re-membrance of That Which We Truly Are including our creative and spiritual gifts, and a sense of empowerment is felt as Embodiment prepares us for the next levels of Light Frequencies. These override the lower self/old template memory, if we choose to step fully into Embodiment. It unlocks our Divinity our gifts and our Mastery

“Is there more of the talented and amazing you, that you are meant to bring onto this plane to fulfil your destiny of awakening heaven on earth?”

Then it’s time for us to come together and activate you into your divine destiny and bring to this earth what we came here to bring…

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Places strictly Limited