Energy Alert !! Oooowweee …… Can you feel it ?

Greetings and Blessings Divine Ones,

Energy Alert !!       Oooowweee …… Can you feel it ?  

 If like me, you are an Empath, a Grid-worker or an Energy Sensitive, then you have seen and felt this coming for months: So what is The Big Thing happening mid-March ?

We are entering into the most amazing grouping of portals which are aligning with each other in such an unprecedented way and showering consciousness upgrading frequencies and dissolving more of the veil around the planet.

These predicted portals are in full swing from the 15th to 22nd March.

These are initiating even more of the Light Body upgrades which we have been dealing with over the last few weeks – all has been in preparation for this merging of the portals. All is very different to what we have previously been through as far as ascension symptoms go so you can expect to feel a little weird dear ones !

Are you – like many of us struggling with your sleeping patterns at the moment ?

With a brand new and powerful influx of Source Frequencies, we are being bombarded as the solar portal opens for Equinox. We have also been hit with another wave of Solar Flashes and Flares on the 10th March creating a surge of Solar Energy which rained down upon our heads and initiated the intense physical symptoms. These solar winds and flares are the plasma Universe uses to assist us in our Ascension Process

This year’s Equinox will occur at 3:15 am on Wednesday 21 March 2018 NSW time.

So with only 5 more days till the powerful portal of the Equinox is fully opened some energy sensitives may be in for a bumpy ride. This portal is filled with frequencies and vibrations we have not experienced before.

I for one have not slept properly for at least a week or more with a constant unquenchable thirst no matter how much water I drink. Some symptoms are:

  • Unquenchable Thirsts as the water catches up the toxins and impurities whether physical or energetic and expels them through the breath, sweating and of course extra peeing.
  • An uprising of your fears, worries and concerns,
  • Bouts of anxiety, poverty consciousness, heart palpitations and insecurity

Trouble Going to Sleep:

  • My Body is continually buzzing and vibrating as I am laying there
  • Even though I am sleepy , my mind is receiving a kaleidoscope of churning coloured energy
  • My ears are off the charts with their ringing with many new and different tones coming through.
  • My body is going through another detox period (lots of trips to the toilet during the night) this always heralds an influx of new higher frequencies – “out with the old to make way for the new” !

Trouble Staying Asleep:

  • If I manage to eventually get to sleep, then I will be wide awake by 2am through till probably 4 or 5 …. then having to drag my weary butt out of bed the next morning uuggh!
  • New unusual visions of things which at this stage I don’t have any reference for …. This whole process is interstellar and interdimensional and we don’t have access to ALL our memories of other existences yet … there are planes, planets and dimensions which look and appear very different to what we know here on earth.
  • When I do sleep I have been having lucid and prophetic dreams

Any of the above resonating ? Well you are not alone as I have had many amazing souls already who are suffering the in the same way.  Suffice to say my beautiful friend, If you are in tune with the energies, you know that the past few months have felt quite challenging to the core. Everything we thought we knew about ourselves and our journey is changing more quickly than ever, and it’s leaving us confused, emotional and exhausted but it is also clearing the way for more embodiment, higher connection, more remembrance and access to our “Super-abilities” and more integration and embodiment of our Divine Selves, our Galactic Selves …. our True selves.

To this degree I have been guided to offer everyone an Equinox Portal Activation on the day of the Equinox. Firstly to take you deeper into the portal opening to access all that you are capable of receiving and holding and, secondly, to assist in integrating and anchoring the Higher Energies more graceful and fully into your crystalline energy body and into the physical body.

As I would like as many of you as possible to take advantage of this opportunity and participate with this powerful process, I have done my best to keep this first webinar cost down to a tiny $8.00 per person !! 

The Webinar Activation will be hosted on Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 7pm – Yes right in the most fully opened powerful time of the portals! And will be at least a  1 Hr session. I will be conducting the Activations from inside my Pyramid where the frequencies are accentuated and even more powerful which you will be immersed in.

Please Click this link to Register:

Can’t make it at that time? No worries! The call will be recorded and everyone who registers will be sent the download to do or redo at their leisure. This is a great bonus because the activation works deeper each time you listen !

I will be hosting this Activation via interactive Webinar where you will be able to ask questions (time permitting) and share your experiences after the activation.

You will be sent the link to join once registered.

Please click this link to Register: 

Equinox Portal Activation Webinar

I would love you to join me and the other Light Workers on the call. As we gather together dear ones we form a powerful integrated conduit to access All that is being made available to us to anchor these new frequencies firstly into ourselves and then into the Mother. This first gathering will pave the way for regular webinars where we can gather, share and Journey together deeper into our Ascensions.

Blessings Love and Light


Awakenings Sacred Journeys

Awakening Sacred Journeys