With so many planets in retrograde/reverse/backward and with some intense Eclipse energies, self-care and self-love are super important at the moment. (Mercury also goes retrograde on the 25th, just a few days before the Lunar Eclipse, making a total of 5 planets in retrograde.)

July is proving to be an interesting month with a lot of high frequency energies and so many Portal openings overlapping and many actually aligning (if only briefly). Although this energy appears to be slow moving, it is also some of the most intense we have experienced. The best way to navigate forward is to surrender and allow yourself to be guided.

The Light Codes began arriving into your Ethereal Body or Outer Fields on the Solstice, you were Aligned, Balanced and Infused with some very high Frequency Waves that poured Light Particles filled with Light Codes through a Sacred Portal or Window which opened only for few a moments.

Our SUN (Solaris) and the Solar System are moving into alignment with cosmic star-gates which contain transformative harmonics, codes and frequencies.

I was shown that the Light Codes began creating Crystalline Holographic Grids of light around and above the Head – within our Ethereal Fields; And this has shifted many into the 5D Consciousness or at least increased the Awareness for some that they are more LIGHT. I have felt that, since the 7th Day of this 7th month, that a Geometry, housing these Light Codes and Filaments of Light particles has been assembling on top of an Energy Platform above the Crown Chakra and that this will continue throughout the entire 7th month being July.

And to add to the above, we have the second eclipse – (the most powerful of this season) – happening this week! This is a Lunar Eclipse and is linked back to whatever was unfolding around February 2018.

Eclipses tend to punctuate endings and beginnings, and during this phase they serve as a massive star-gate for dismantling and releasing distorted realities while simultaneously experiencing rebirth on both planetary and personal levels.

Energies have been increasing in intensity as we approach this realignment point. And during this weeks Eclipse we will be ending one phase and beginning a brand new one. It appears we will experience a substantial bandwidth of these cosmic star-gate streams around the July 27/28th eclipse, however, the major influx begins around the 25th. It looks like a universal adjustment to align with higher dimensional platforms and Ascension timelines.

It brings with it the potential of placing us in the path of much purer cosmic flows. Those with Open hearts will feel it without exception and most of you would have been feeling the change into higher frequencies since at least the 7th of the 7th. It would be wise to stay very present with this as the eclipses unfold. (we have the final Eclipse in August)

The July 25-28 Gateway has been on the radar since the beginning of the year, and it is presenting like a massive wall of light that we move into….. and for some of you, this may be seen/felt as a visible or even tangible change in Sunlight …. nevertheless – … it’s our consciousness that is the real emphasis of this frequency wave.

We are already feeling the admittance into this field with much more intense energies, causing sleep disturbances and extra loud ringing in the ears (at the least) as well as varying forms of other Ascension symptoms.

You need only consciously tap into these Electromagnetic Light fields daily, through the Breathing In of this LIGHT, holding it, and Breathing Out old 3D Wave Forms …. so that we may all leap into Transcending into LIGHT Avatars.

For those that feel guided, I will be running a LIVE (on Zoom) Quantum Activation, Preparing for the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL MOON on Thursday July 26th 2018 at 7pm. This will also be available as a recording after the event.

The Energy Exchange for this event will be $11.00

Until we meet again in the Inner Realms  Dear Ones

Blessings love and Light