Juanita Hall – Facilitator

A wise man, Victor Frankl once said: “If you don’t go within, you simply go without” and I and many others who have participated in my work, have found this to be very true.


Juanita Hall – FacilitatorJuanita Hall – Facilitator

  • 27 years of Meditation Practice
  • Contactee / Experiencer
  • Graduate of Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology
  • The Journey Home Ascension – completed with Honours

I am practiced and can assist you with:

  • DNA Reprogramming
  • Energy Blueprint Reading
  • Star Healing
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Star-seed & Galactic/ Star Being Assistance

Greetings and welcome, I AM Juanita and I AM a Conduit of High Frequency Star Energies. I use these Frequencies to Re-awaken and Re-activate your Dormant DNA and to reconnect you to remembering your Galactic Heritage.

I was gifted these abilities during a Direct Contact Experience with a Highly Evolved Group of Galactic Beings which lasted Four Hours. It was during this Experience that I was opened to and blessed with my gifts. It has been made clear to me my Life Mission is in Activating your “Divine Human Self” and reconnecting you with your Star Families and Galactic Families of the Light. To assist those on the Path to Ascension in traversing, understanding and integrating the Higher Frequency Energies.

I AM able to see, use and direct these vibrational frequencies both into Human Cells and Energy Fields as well as into Water. They are usually in the form of Sacred Geometrical Symbols, Light Language or both (Hand light Language) which are channelled through me.

I infuse these layers of Powerful Higher Frequencies into every Sacred Journey I Channel and record for you.

This allows you to receive these higher frequencies every time you listen to or participate in one of my Activations. The more you listen, the deeper layers you will access and the more pathways to remembrance you will re-connect.

My aim is to unshackle you from any false beliefs about yourself and your World whilst assisting you on your Journey of re-connection. To experience the magnificence of realising Who You Truly Are – As the global paradigm shift accelerates, the awakening process intensifies, thus I wish to empower you with the amazing opportunity to rapidly transform your internal set points to experience a new inner dimension of expanded awareness and a higher state of consciousness. I want you to experience life from the perspective of your Divine Self – your place of Empowerment, Creation and Magic – To access your unlimited Intuitive knowledge. I will take you to that place of stillness deep within where Miracles can Manifest and then I’ll fly you out to the farthest reaches of the Multiverse.