Jumping Timelines Explained & Current Energies

Greetings Beloved Ones,

The shifts I, (and most of us reading this at the moment) are experiencing are moving us between timelines in an ever increasing spiral of upward momentum towards full remembrance (enlightenment). To reach this remembrance, this enlightenment, is to SEE and embody ourselves as that which we truly are – magnificent divine limitless creators with infinite power and potential.

As we become aware of more and more “truths” which raise our consciousness (level of light), we begin to jump timelines from the current timeline to a higher one … there is nothing stagnant dear ones – in any given moment we are making choices that will either continue us on the current timeline, pull us down to an older (denser) timeline or jump us up to a higher timeline. It is my observation that we have an avalanche of people jumping up, not one, but often several (or in same recent cases many) timelines at the moment as they are coming “On Line” at an higher ever increasing rate now … this quickening is a time when we are re-calling our “Soul Tribe” of fellow Avatars and Star Seeded Ones. You will know them by the way we are inspired and energised and activated around them, by the way we “light up” in their presence and become “More than” when we are around them. I cannot emphasize enough the importance at this time of embracing and gathering our tribes. The more time we can spend in a community that embraces us, that sees us for who we know ourselves to be in our heart, and who enriches us – uplifts us and holds the energetic space for us (and all our tribe) – the more you will shine with vibrant radiance – the more you will “Awaken” and the more you will bring in your “Higher Knowledge and Contribution”.

But what I hear you ask is a Timeline?
The analogy I like to use to give a better understanding of timelines (and timeline jumping) is to use the comparison of Ascension as a Tree … lets call it the Tree of Life (wink). Now this Tree of Life is a Highly Intelligent Life form and is always offering to assist us to reach the “Top”. At certain times it offers us opportunities yet has no agenda nor judgment for our progress.

As you visualise this tree, you begin to notice, that the bottom branches represent the older denser timelines – the view of the world is not too expanded from down here… the branches above block the light (higher information) and your view and awareness of the Universe. The other trees block your view of the surrounding landscape – your view, hence your understanding of the World from here is extremely limited and lacking in light ….. in this space you are not yet aware that its warmer and there is more light (info) just above you – your branch is quite rigid and lacks flexibility compared to the higher branches. Your community is limited to the trees in your vicinity that house the others that exist here at this restricted level of light, with the same restricted view – on their denser darker very solid lower branches. Here there is the opportunity for sideward movement within your timeline by jumping onto the branch next to you and moving around your tree in different “directions” – thus deciding on different practices and slightly differing Tribes at this level time line as you choose different experiences (branches). However All the branches at this level are still “light limited” or at the same level of awareness.

Then one day something changes … a strong enough breeze (Influx of Higher Frequencies) comes along which blows the higher branches just enough to allow a shaft of light to dazzle your eyes for a moment ….. at the same time this breeze blows the branch above you and it sways down toward you. It is at this point that you have a choice to grab onto that higher branch and be effortlessly lifted up to the next level (Timeline) or stay on your denser less flexible branch.

Many of these Breezes/moments/flashes of light or opportunities present to us throughout our lives and many moments like this are lost as we have our heads down distracted by where we are at and miss the “flash of light”. This also blocks us from seeing the branch reaching down to lift us up. There are times also when we stop ourselves from grabbing that branch because of fear of the unknown, fear of letting go of the familiarity of our existences as we have known it and fear of losing our relationship with the “others” – our current tribe who dwell in this space on their comfortable, familiar branches. However, if we grab onto that branch which is being offered, take that leap of faith and jump, we will be lifted effortlessly up to a higher level of consciousness, of existence. You will have jumped up to a “Higher Timeline”.

Once you have gained your balance up there by releasing the older denser energies, you see that there is more light (Higher Information) up there and the view takes in so much more – it is so much broader – you also become aware of others existing at this higher level. You find communication and interactions with the others at this higher level much easier however you realise you can still see and interact with the others from the lower branches although you seem to have less in common now. As you interact with those that chose to remain behind, you may shine your light down to them and offer a branch down to left them up – this is sometimes successful in that they land up on a higher branch and when they get their balance, stay up there where there is more light – or – if they can’t purge the old and find their balance, they may tumble back down (at least for now). There is also the very real possibility that you may (and will at times) get pulled back down into their Darker Denser timeline (at least for the moment). Thus it is practical to offer a light but with an awareness of Not getting pulled back down to that level of existence (you’ve been there and done that 🙂 )

At the same time as you are raising your level of light, interacting with the Other tribesman, learning and moving around to the other branches at this level, you are also given opportunities to jump up to even higher timelines. This will come in either the form of others from a higher timeline shining light down on you and offering you a branch to lift up yourself up with – or it may come from the Universe in the form another stiff breeze (Influx of Higher Frequencies) that once more parts the higher branches allowing you to be bathed in higher light, offering you the opportunity to be catapulted up to even greater levels of awareness and light.

This process of jumping up the Timelines and navigating at ever higher levels of light is what we have agreed to – it is what we chose in the beginning to experience.

The time is now becoming critical to Awaken and leap up more fully into our roles and missions. This is creating a little upheaval in a lot of our lives as we are being stretched and pulled through another membrane and birthing into a new higher more embodied version of ourselves. In this process we are jumping up on Much higher timelines. This can at times, bring us a bit unstuck or off balance, things may get messy & a little painful as we go through a process of release and upgrade. This is occurring not just on a spiritual and energetic level but on an actual physical level as well so our bodies may suffer somewhat as well.

We individually are going through this “quickening” and birthing process (as we jump up timelines), but so is our magnificent Planet – hence we see the same quickening and messy birthing pains as she releases through the surface that which has been buried. This we see manifesting in the form of a greater number of active volcanoes and earth quakes as Earth also goes through a time of great adjustments.

All this is being initiated through the Higher Dimensions as we are receiving increasing waves of Higher Frequencies which in turn is enabling us to embody more of Our light. Each time we consciously work at achieving this level of embodiment we are connected into the Universal Grid of Divine Love connecting us to All other Light Workers and Star Seeded Ones that are Awakened or Awakening at this time. And we the Awakening Ones are being called, to consciously expand this Grid of divine Love by unifying our heart energies with all those connected into this grid. At this time as the Frequency waves increase in speed and power, all our I AM Presences will begin integrating into our Earthly Vehicles at a greatly accelerated pace.

(To assist your concepts of the I AM , you could say that your I AM Presence is a more evolved spiritual being. You are therefore an extension of, (a material manifestation of), a higher spiritual being. Some people will find it difficult to accept that they are extensions of an immortal spiritual being. When you consider that words are linear and the spiritual reality is spherical, you will see that no matter which concept we use to describe the spiritual reality of Timelines and the I AM, there is always a real danger of the “linear words” limiting our perceptions and therefor potentials as individuals.)