March 21st Equinox Portal 3.3.3 & Super Full Moon ! A Powerful Inter-Dimensional Gateway Soul Activation & Immersion

Energy Alert !! 

March 21st Equinox Portal plus  3.3.3 Portal plus Super Full Moon ! Major Trifecta which is adding even more intensity by layering another 3:3:3 into the mix ….. SERIOUSLY POWERFUL !!

Heads up Beloveds …. we are in for a Big ride next week …..

I actually feel like saying EEEHHHAAA lets ride Em Cowboys !!!!  Hang on to your hats and here we go ….. anything could and probabaly Will happen 

This year at the always powerful Equinox Gateway we will experience a Triple Energy vortex of unprecedented frequencies ….. a trinity of fully open  Portals to the Highest Realms of existence.

Not only do we have the Equinox, but we also will be deeply immersed once more in the 3:3:3 energies (21 = 3) and to add fuel to that fire we will also be under the influence of a Super Full Moon ….. and Now more than ever is NOT the time to drop the ball Lighter Workers and gate keepers !!

Due to these magnetic dynamics created by the impending alignments, the transformation of the fields both personal and for the collective has already occurred and the tsunami waves are reaching out to us from the future, moving out from the point of this event-point like waves flowing to the shore in an endless and ever increasing structure.

Its influence is drawing us in to its magnetic field, the magnificence of which vibrates through our divine immortal blueprint. (Our original blueprint) and we all know a divine or transcendent field is a powerful thing Dear Ones. Truly it is the mother of resonant transformative frequencies that we will be gifted with.

The challenge seems to be that our Human Aspect Does Not understand how the Human Light Body Processes these Light Codes relative to DNA, Genetics and our Cellular Body and this is because it’s not a human thing …….

In numerology the energy of the 3 is the trinity, joy, unity, creation, high energy, and balance, The trinity energy is flooding in now and will represent completion. The trinity energies are on the planet, in physical manifestation foe the first time in all Creation. This powerful energetic event is trickling down to the collective and will culminate with the double trinity of this years Equinox as we once again come together in unity and full consciousness.

We are now at the point beloveds where we are no longer able to find comfort in the old limiting patterns as we once did. This may feel like a crisis, but it is the kind of crisis that births a whole new outlook.

This kind of shift can be one of the most spiritual experiences we can have, because in that crisis moment, we have a chance to reassess our lives and create a new and higher reality for ourselves.

When an influx of light frequencies enters Earth’s atmosphere as we are experiencing now, it organically brings to the surface the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors we have not yet fully addressed, acknowledged, and healed.

With every celestial alignment, such as a solstice, equinox, or eclipse, we have been steadily releasing the old outdated belief in the separateness and inequality of Feminine and Masculine energies.

Now we are seeing an even bigger upgrade—a massive shift in the collective consciousness. Billions around the world are now remembering and anchoring the highest aspects of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies into every area of life…… and these energy waves are getting stronger and closer together.

The closer we get towards the Trifecta Stargates of this years Equinox – 3:3:3 – Super Full Moon – the more intense they will become !

Some Intel is saying that we should be feeling better but this is not my experience nor the experience of the members of our fellow Star Tribe who are very sensitive to energy.

What I am being shown during these waves is that there’s a throng of symptoms you may be experiencing right now … so please don’t doubt your progress if you are feeling not so good.

These are really intense waves for most of you – so its not going to feel like a piece of cake…although there will be moments of pure BLISS.

These are initiating even more of the Light Body upgrades which we have been dealing with over the last few weeks – all has been in preparation for this merging of the portals. All is very different to what we have previously been through as far as ascension symptoms go so you can expect to feel a little weird dear ones !

So you may be experiencing a feeling of disorientation like you are slipping out of this reality … like you are outside yourselves one moment and then the next moment merging back in … you may also experience an expansion in your heart chakra as if your heart chakra is rising up from your chest or the energy from your heart is moving outward accompanied by a sort of pulling sensation or palpitations.       You may also experience a sensation of your head feeling heavy or like its weighted and or that your head has suddenly expanded and is very large.    Other moments where you feel that time suddenly just stands still or has slowed down almost to the point of standstill (like the holding of a breath) followed by a rapid increase in speed like everything is now in fast forward … this as we move closer to “No-time” or “NOW-time. These moments of standing still and then accelerating Are going to increase and is also affecting our bodies temperatures with fluctuation between feeling overheated or over cold (depending on if you are at the still point or the fast forward point)

Moments of nausea and the now all too familiar headaches, body aches and dizziness are all symptoms of our physical vessels integrating these intense waves

Restlessness and frustration may also present as we negotiate moving from the programmed 3D old reality into the 4D reality of awakening phase where our Light Body DNA awakens and accelerates an immense “DNA repair” process to reverse-purge-detox and clear all of the damage done and held…. Into 5D being a physical reality relative to each’s level of consciousness or Pure Existence.

To this degree I have been guided to offer everyone an Equinox-3:3:3-Super Full Moon Sacred Journey on the day of the Equinox. Firstly to take you deeper into the portal opening so you may access all that you are capable of receiving and holding and, secondly, to assist in integrating and anchoring the Higher Energies more graceful and fully into your crystalline rainbow energy body and into the DNA in your physical body

As I would like as many of you as possible to take advantage of this opportunity and participate with this powerful process, I have done my best to keep the webinar costs down to a tiny $15.00 per person !!

This Event will also be a face to face event for those that can get to North Richmond to attend.

The Webinar Activation will be hosted on Thursday 21st March 2018 at 7:30pm – Yes right in the most fully opened powerful time of the trinity of portals …. where the frequencies are accentuated and even more powerful directly to you.

Can’t make it at that time? No worries! The call will be recorded and everyone who registers will be sent the download to do or redo at their leisure.  This is a great bonus because the activation works deeper each time you listen !

I will be hosting this Activation via interactive Webinar where you will be able to ask questions (time permitting) and share your experiences.

To Register, simply click the link to the Website  fill in the form adding in the note section that its for the Equinox Event and pay the fee of $15 

You will be sent the link to join once registered.

Please copy and pate this link to Register:

I would love you :to join me and the other Light Workers on the call. As we gather together dear ones we form a powerful integrated conduit to access All that is being made available to us to anchor these new frequencies firstly into ourselves and then into the Mother. This first gathering will pave the way for regular webinars where we can gather, share and Journey together deeper into our Ascensions.


Blessings Love and Light


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