My Incredible Journey to Parallel Dimensions

Many of you are beginning to get an understanding of the massive amounts of dimensions that are all playing out at once both on and off planet at this time. Where we have other versions of ourselves experiencing different things, all sharing back to the soul consciousness and to each incarnation in body. It may seem like something out of a movie, but living a parallel life or existing in a parallel dimension is not as far-fetched as you first imagined.

I will share with you a personal experience from a few years ago of going to a parallel dimension to illustrate what I am saying: …
            On this particular occasion, I had completed my usual Clearing and Alignment Meditation followed by some quiet heart connection time just prior to going to bed. I had connected very deeply and was feeling my light field was particularly unified and empowered …. definitely not in a frequency where demons or lower vibrations could just move in and attack me.
As I lay down to fall asleep on this evening, I became restless within the sleep. I woke in another dimension and could hear this horrible, nightmarish chanting happening … I found myself being drawn toward a cauldron filled with fire … I was being offered power, knowledge and riches …. for a second I allowed myself to float toward this cauldron thinking it was “Source” … but then suddenly realised it was a trick … this was not of the light! …. I knew I was being courted by something dark. Despite my fear, I stood my ground and refused to go any further forward or give them what they wanted … and even though I felt this overwhelming fear, I kept remembering that the Light is always more powerful and I filled myself with light and pushed my heart centre out as far as I could beaming it out toward the cauldron ….. as soon as I did everything stopped and I was cast back to my bed so violently that I ended up on the floor…. I was left shaken and very distressed by this event but I knew it was also a sign that I was on the right path and stepping into my own power … this made them more afraid of me than I was of them … I was a threat to them … I realised that they needed me to collaborate with them and use my gifts Not for the greater good of all but for their greed power and control.

I realised this event was a powerful initiation, after which I entered into a period of nightly Soul Retrieval and rescues Missions. I would become restless during sleep and wake up just as I slipped between dimensions.

            During one of these nightly missions I found myself going downstairs to my kitchen … but when I got downstairs … it was not my kitchen …… I was dressed in clothes that were not my clothes …. my heart was pounding in fear in this dimension and there was an air of darkness and violence ….. here I had a 6 year old daughter … she was clinging to my skirt .. whimpering and afraid and I bent down and comforted her and promised her I would protect her ….. I felt like me …. I was looking out of my eyes at this unfamiliar scene yet still I knew this was not my house I was in another dimension. It was then that I heard the front door and the pounding of my heart increased for this version of me knew that “he” was home and the child and I were in danger.
He came into the room an angry strong and powerful man and I pushed the child behind me ….the blood was pounding in my ears … As scared as I was, I mustered the light within me and then beamed golden energy out of my eyes towards the “darkness” in this man. As the beams hit his body it threw him backwards and there was an explosion of light and then I found myself back in my bed that I was familiar with.
            Instantly I knew what happened – I had slipped between dimensions through the “restlessness” and actually went to help the part of myself that was incarnated in that life, having that experience. I became very aware of how the other aspect of myself which I rescued, would have related this experience. It would have been as if an angel came to her rescue and dispelled the dark energies haunting her.

            How often do we all do that? We have an experience of “light” and we give all the credit to an angel or Jesus or higher power, something other than ourselves. How many times do We receive guidance and assistance from amazing , powerful light beings in our lives ? (and remember everything is happening at once just in other dimensions) More likely than not it is Our future selves knocking on the door of another incarnation of itself to assist that which is needed.
Courage is not an absence of fear … it is feeling the fear acknowledging the fear and going ahead with it anyway.                Back then, this revelation alone left me in awe for the rest of the day!! Not to mention, in awe of the incredible power and mastery I felt in myself during that rescue. It was that which we are All able to embody … to Re-Member ourselves as! To recognise That which we truly are. … You dear ones are So much more than you can begin to even dream. You are powerful beyond measure and as you allow this to be more fully birthed within you, you are going to reveal your divine essence.             As you strip away the layers with this work we are doing, You uncover your majesty which is already there – its already in your cells, already in your matrix …its already within you …we just have to get out of our own way and embrace. 

        I have come to the understanding that all of us are living parallel dimensional lives. In fact I have seen that some of us are living out more lives than others! Regardless, all of us have at least one other life happening simultaneously as we move through our journey on Earth. … Your Higher Self has much more understanding and awareness about your earthly journey than you do living on Earth, which is why it can guide you and motivate you forward. You can tune into your Higher Self at any time, and receive loving guidance from You! When you have learnt to open up to a higher level of consciousness, that you can access this part of you.

In a way, your Higher Self is not really living out a parallel life exactly, it is more an extension of you living in another dimension that is available as a resource. However, we are connected from our true souls to all of our dimensions we are “in.”
As our “true souls can be in more places at once, whether in human form or in energetic form.” (Our human form is energetic, but we have a human casing, skin, bones etc.,) Not all dimensions require the “body” as we know it or recognize it as we label things in our “earth dimension Human life.”

“Remember – Our Souls will advance or decline through experiences in our lives, in whatever dimensions our energy is occurring in.” So what will you choose in this lifetime ?
Until next time,
Blessings Love and Light