My Journey

My Journey So Far

I was born “Aware”, however, as I had no-one I could share my experiences with nor who could mentor me in any way.

I have experiences from my childhood which I will mention here as a starting point…

I have clear and distinct memories of being out of my body yet still aware many times throughout my childhood – one of these incidences I was in bed and Mum came in to say goodnight – I was on the roof looking down on myself and my sister in bed and I was trying to call out to Mum look up – I was telling her that I was up here floating up on the ceiling and that the person in the bed that she was telling to go to sleep was not me… but she could not hear me. Throughout most of the childhood, I was able to leave my body at will by a process of simply rolling out of my body – I did this consciously and would love it when everyone went to bed so I could Astral Travel (not that I knew what it was called back then) – I would simply leave the house and go about the neighborhood – it was a wonderful experience because I could float (fly) – except when some real people would come along – they could not see me and if I didn’t move quick enough they would walk right through me (not a nice feeling as you would feel “their” stuff as they went through you) – My nightly experiences would become blurred then with “normal” daily life – I would confuse my night time abilities and many times I would attempt to show the other children that I could fly or that I could walk through walls. I would become genuinely confused and could not understand why I was not able to do these things during the day. I would often go up to the roof and jump off – but could not fly during the day – the neighborhood children & my siblings all called me a liar and teased me mercilessly. Consequently I learned firstly, not to tell anyone, secondly, not to trust anyone, and thirdly not to trust my Own experiences. Hence at some point in time I lost the ability to simply roll out of my physical body. During this time there was also a white shining man that used to come after everyone was asleep – I would float out the window and we would go somewhere but I do not recall where. I also would be visited at times by a group of what I called the Shining Wise People – when this occurred it was like I was on a sort of stage and these beings were so huge and towered over me – they were always kind and gentle though and never mean – they would form a kind of circle around me looking down on me – they explained things to me and taught me things about life on Earth and how it works – but no-one ever believed me. I soon dismissed these Teachings and eventually forgot about them.

I was always very aware of being different from the other members of my family and the community – I would get into trouble at school for daydreaming and not concentrating when in fact I was observing the Teachers Aura (didn’t know what it was at the time) and watching the other light beings standing around the room. When I tried to share this with my Teacher & friends (thinking everyone saw these things) they all laughed at me. I never felt like I fitted in anywhere and even my best attempts at trying to fit in always felt fraudulent to me. I became very walled up and NEVER revealed my true self to anyone but did eventually become quite adapt at playing the game of fitting into my “social circles”. However I have felt very isolated most of my life and as a child would spend a lot of time hiding up in the branches of a circle of trees that were not too far from my house – somehow the trees & leaves spoke to me and I would sometimes speak a strange language to “invisible beings”. I found things to be very harsh here and would feel things very deeply (sadness fear injustice and others pain) and would often cry inconsolably – Mum would say “what’s wrong – stop crying” and I would sob “ I just wanted to go home” – she would say “but you are home” and I would always say “ no I am not home – this is not my real home – you don’t understand – you are not my real family – I was just placed here – I want to go home, its too hard and here” * Mum would just get mad and tell me not to be Stupid. The world is indeed a harsh harsh place for little Star Beings. I feel that there is much much more that I have no clear recall of at this point in time. I guess they will be a story for another time, but to continue… I soon learned to not communicate Anything with anyone about my experiences and developed a “mask” that I wore to survive in the strange disharmonious world I had come to.

After a certain age I guess I cut off (or was cut off) from these experiences. However I remained very sensitive to chemicals loud harsh noises anything artificial (food colouring etc) throughout my entire life and remained able to see Auric fields around people plants and animals.


Skip forward to the beginning of 1990 – I was around 30 years old – married with 2 awesome children – a regular job Teaching in a pre-school fit, lean and healthy on the outside, but never at peace – always a sense of foreboding – always in a state of fear. I felt I really wanted to learn meditation – and as happens when you are ready – I found a brochure for a new 2 year meditation course starting up – I called straight away and booked in and from that very first day – the very first time I had ever meditated – it felt like “home”. I found it easy and felt like I wanted to just be in that familiar state ALL the time (not practical with 2 kids, a job, a house and husband to take care of). In that group I felt more “normal” but still never revealed myself to them… partly because I still had NO idea who “I” was and partly because I had developed a deep distrust of “humans” even ones that meditated. This “beginning to reconnect” through meditation began a huge unraveling of all my carefully placed and build up coping mechanisms and the tearing down of my walls which had served me so well for so long to Never know Who I was, to Never feel anything deeper than surface reactions and to remain a perpetual victim being buffeted from all sides. In other words I had opened up a HUGE seemingly bottomless can of worms that just kept oozing up and out of me.


Contact Experiences with Non Human Intelligent Beings

2013 – I had awoke in the early hours – eyes open wide awake with my ears ringing really loudly so I knew (from previous experience) that I would not go back to sleep yet and went downstairs to do a meditation – everything seemed a bit eery and strange but I felt ok and sat on the lounge and commenced the meditation – I remember saying in my heart – I remember – when all of a sudden everything changed… I felt very strong presences in the room and opened my eyes to see the sparkling outline of several beings The Beings came into the room in a light body – they were very tall and humanoid in shape – I was not shown any details of faces clothing etc – nor did I see them as solid forms – however I did feel touch etc.

– at the same time as this my arms & hands started to be moved around like I was communicating with them through my hands – but like someone else was controlling me – I became aware of very bright lights overhead and my body was taken over – everything happened gently but firmly and I knew that I could not stop it even if I wanted to – my head was twisted and prodded in different directions – at one point I felt like my jaw would snap off if they opened it any wider – I remember saying that’s hurting and it eased off a little – then my head was tilted back so far I thought it would snap as well – they opened my mouth really wide and a shot some sort of light beam down my throat and into my stomach region – they worked down there for a while – it was like I could feel movement inside my body as they were working – and the whole time my hands were doing either the infinity symbol or forming a diamond shape or being crossed over my chest like a sphinx and other stuff – at no point did I feel any malevolence and I was actually surprisingly not afraid – I felt embraced by a feeling of love & almost resignation as I felt strongly that I had been waiting for this to occur somehow? – this episode went on for approximately 4 hrs till dawn – then everything just seemed to fade out and I was able to move once more – afterwards I got up and realised that my vision was filled with sparkles and I was in this altered state for around a week afterwards – I experienced birds following me around landing near me and chirping at me even letting me touch them – it seemed that they thought I knew what they were saying but I did not – at the same time I had bees and butterflies and other winged creatures landing on me and walking all over me??? I had very little need for any sort of food nor sleep for around a week afterwards but I was very thirsty for pure water. When I looked at myself in the mirror for the next couple of days, I could see what was behind me – I appeared see through??


Around a month later I was once again woken and went downstairs and sat on the lounge looking out over the property – I felt the altered state coming on and I just sat and breathed – then a really bright light came on outside – it was approximately 15 meters from where I was and directly over the large underground water tank it was slightly larger than the water tank making it around 10 meters wide – I knew I was meant to go outside and stand in the beam – but I was too scared – Something told me this was different and if I did go stand in that beam that I would be gone forever and I hadn’t said goodbye to anyone – where this thought came from I do not know but everything I have learned and remembered since about other incidences indicates that I made the right choice and that indeed I would not have come back.


There are other incidences that I have a slight recall of which was really horrific – and I had put it down to a weird nightmare – however it kept flashing into my mind and had done for years – I can’t recall when it happened – I just know it did… I remember being asleep and then suddenly becoming aware of being too hot – I realised to my horror that I was in a hot little metal room on an operating table and there were some sort of Doctors there with Bright lights on their heads – I could not see their faces or features – they were hurting me and doing stuff to me – I was too hot and I couldn’t breath – it was terrifying – sometimes I wish I could remember more – but maybe I don’t really want to know what was happening


Since 2013 I often have NHIB contact – I do perceive their energies present and will often experience when they are present lots of sparkling energy in the room and also a fog like energy.

There are times when they come into & over my body and direct energy and frequencies and there are times when I am downloaded with information and knowledge that becomes a truth. There are also times when I am directed to energy places to activate or re-activate portals – when I am in the correct position, my body begins to be moved by a swirling vortex of energy that comes down over me.

I actually have almost daily contact in what could be any or all of these ways (as well as other ways) now.

It always begins with a prominent ringing in my ears and sometimes a tone and feeling of oneness and absolute calm and progresses to a physical feeling of a swirling energy which actually moves my body coming down into or over me – doing the light language with my hands – directing where the energies are being channeled and which direction my eyes look in.

The communications are normally about global earth issues and how it affects our evolution – including the importance of eating pure food and water and also about how we fit in to the universe and how to reconnect to that which we are – they also give me information on water in the body and how to hold the higher frequencies we must keep hydrated because the higher frequencies vibrate in our cells in the water and also that our cells are changing from carbon to crystalline and that is so we can hold higher frequencies – I know this is true because now when my group look at my auric field I appear virtually invisible or just light. They also direct me as to how to purify the water and how to put frequencies into the water



Over my lifetime I have had many sightings of UFO’s… The most definitive ones began to occur after the 4 hr episode – All interactions with the Star Ships have occurred in a semi-rural or in a rural area. The first few times I was alone and saw a bright diamond shaped light object – it seemed to be a long way away but closer to me than any stars… as I watched several (maybe 6 or 8) smaller lights came out of the bottom of the bigger one all in a line and they were moving very quickly – staying in formation – doing loops and spinning in impossible directions so fast… it almost seemed they were playing and showing off. At the time I was standing up in the loft looking out at the night sky through the big windows – I had been asleep but suddenly woke up and felt compelled to go up there (the loft is also where I meditate) – as I gazed out the window I remember saying where are you? because I could feel their presence in the room – when they are around their seems to be a little bit of a light fog like mist in the room – and as I stood at the big window my head was moved (not voluntarily – but with firm gentleness) to look in the direction of the ship… to be honest I began to cry and had a feeling of melancholy overwhelm me… like it brought up a sweet feeling or memory I couldn’t grasp??? I have had quite a few of these incidences – however only one with witnesses and that was around 6 months later when a group of us were outside participating in a boot camp & it was beginning to grow dark and I was laying on my back looking up at the stars when I felt compelled again to look up at a certain place in the sky at which time I saw another group of the tiny light ships all darting and circling (it looked like they were playing) in and out of a cloud – I pointed them out to my partner and another girl that was near me – and they were both blown away with it.

I have much clearer recall of things that have happened now adays. I have clear recall of being in and flying a craft. The small crafts are like a kind of pod and the one I was in only had one seat – it was my individual craft. Although the crafts appear metallic – they are not like anything here and are actually “Organic and Intelligent” in structure and communicate with you and are directed through telepathy. When you sit in the seat it molds and conforms to your body – it wraps around you so to speak – you are bonded together and you become one with your craft.