New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2018

Our Radiant SUN is delivering the eclipse week frequencies and activations as promised dear ones.

The February 16th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is at its peak at 7:51:29 am NSW time.

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It represents an optimistic turning point for us all and a much welcomed breather, a perfumed breeze to blow away the remaining turmoil many have been experiencing over the past few months.

Leading into the start of 2018 and ramping up through January, we have all had to do a lot of releasing and letting go. Perhaps there were things from the year prior that needed to be cleared that intensified this sense of release and change. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in January also had a big role to play in this rise up and release energy and may have triggered things from the past that needed to be let go of and relinquished. This was most certainly the case for me!

The month of February this year has no Full Moon, as so the energies focus on the new moon, meaning that this month is really about bringing in the new and allowing in the start of a new cycle. The motion of releasing will be less significant and instead, we will be able to use this New Moon Solar Eclipse energy to create and plant seeds for your future gardens to grow.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is a partial one, which means that while it’s potent it is not going to be as intense as the Full Solar Eclipse we had back on August 21st.

The energy surrounding this Eclipse is quite different too as it falls in the air sign of Aquarius and carries a very gentle, hopeful, and loving energy.

All of the newly created space we’ve cleared in our lives since the start of the year is going to be filled perfectly with this loving, abundant, and positive energy from February’s Solar Eclipse.

Under the influence of this Solar Eclipse with its Aquarius energy We are going to have to step away from seeing things through our own perspective and open ourselves up to see things from a higher perspective. Fabulous! As this has been our goal right from the time we stepped onto this path has it not! 🙂

Under the solar frequencies of this eclipse, we all have the opportunity to awaken and see how our vibration, our words and our actions effect the world around us and how our attitudes and behaviours are creating a flow effect around the world.

All eclipses herald an opening or a doorway to higher consciousness… so the more we can open our minds and hearts, the more likely we are to get accelerated up the ascension ladder during this month. I also urge you all during this portal to reflect on who we are choosing to surround ourselves with. You may decide around this time to forge deeper bonds in certain relationships, or you may discover that relationships that are no longer serving you may need to end.

Communicating your truth, being open, and expressing your true self are all things that a healthy relationship needs, communication is really going to be key under this Eclipse. Use the influence of this Solar Eclipse, to work out what it is that you need to feel complete, whole, and centred.

Largely, the Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius has beautiful, positive, and fun-loving vibrations and frequencies that are here for all of us to enjoy.

After the intense craziness of the chaotic release and discharge energy in January, this new frequency of February is likely to feel like a big Galactic Hug! We all have the opportunity to connect together as ONE to serve the ALL – are you absorbing these solar frequencies to the highest level possible?

Use the magical February Solar Eclipse to bring more love, joy, and self-awareness into your life. Use it to experience the power of your inner light and inner presence for that is the most potent position possible.

Blessings Love and Light to you ALL