New Set Points Upgrades and Earth Changes

Earth is also revealing more of her “hidden” dimensions
Greetings Beloveds,
Yes it has been a Very long time since I have written a Blog ….
I have been much too busy just doing what I came here to do to sit and try to put things in to words. Especially as it is all so new that I have had to wait for things to integrate before I could even share the concepts.
As you can see from this Image taken recently, there are amazing unprecedented things occurring – as we speak – right in front of our eyes !
This photo taken on the day of the Equinox after taking a group to the Falls to do a connection both to Heaven and Earth during the Equinox Portal Opening, clearly shows a magnificent Earth Rainbow (the first I have ever seen). And within this Earth Rainbow there are spirals and inter-dimensional doorways … Magic is afoot Dear Ones. This photo was taken simply with my iphone – no special lenses no fancy camera – just a gift to awaken us all.
It seems everyone, whether they are aware or not, is being affected by the transformational energy that is sweeping the planet. This powerful force has been building momentum throughout this year and is  intensifying through October and November …. so be prepared.
Along with all the usual “Ascension” symptoms that these high frequency energies bring with them,  there is now a constant and definite low deep humming drone noise deeply integrated into the usual high pitched ringing of the ears. It has been magnifying for several weeks and has been activated from the Centre of the Universe and is actually resonating from the Centre of our beautiful Earth herself. Yes I know we are all experiencing different tones that come in and out at different times, however, this is something different …. this is a continuous deep tone that is now dominant but still over-layed by the usual ringing ears.
This is an indication of a new Set Point we have reached both within ourselves and also within the Earth as we have merged into a Higher Dimensional version of Earth and a Higher Dimensional version of ourselves. Our increasingly activated crystalline light bodies are allowing us for the first time Ever to ascend to New Earth without going through the Death process.
You only need to look around you at nature …. the colours are more vibrant and earth is emanating more light in direct correlation to the photonic light from the Suns along with ourselves as we are vibrating more and emanating more crystalline light.
I urge you all to stop – be still – take a deep breath – and listen to the sound of the Earth now …. she is speaking to us all … communicating with us all …. loving us all in a frequency meant to assist our awakenings and that of the entire population –  if only we’d stop, connect, and tune in –  open and receive this frequency.
Like her – You have to absorb these cosmic higher frequencies and let them morph you into your Avatar Being, your Cosmic Being, so that you may take your place back in the Universal Family that I know we all long to reunite with.
Earth is also revealing more of her “hidden” dimensions to us now … she is radiating out to the surface her “Ëarth Rainbows” and her inter-dimensional portals and gateways …. So please get out in nature – connect to Earth – connect to the Suns – and embody these new frequencies …. Drink Plenty Of Water! And please, integrate what is on offer ASAP …. upgrade your physical body to this new frequency ….. You are going to need it in the near future as we are deeply in the quickening and heading full speed ahead towards the Event.
And if I can help you in ANY way, please contact me.
Many Blessings and Much Love and Light