Personal Healing Sessions

One on One Healing or Activation Sessions

Because we are working with Divine Energy there us no need to have your Session in Person, a Skype or Phone Session work just as Potently as a Face to face session does.



One On One Healings

Alchemical Healing

Alchemical HealingI am so excited to share with you this very powerful Healing of quantum transformation, which is through Divine Alchemy. Alchemy is known as the transmutation of matter, Divine Alchemy transmutes the carbon based matter of our beings to higher levels of crystalline light. This will expand your consciousness with high levels Divine light and love and you will experience the Infinity Vortex Divine Alchemy to support your amazing evolution and healing.

This High Frequency Healing will assist you in transmuting any dense, negative or trapped energies in your Body and works by lifting the dense energy out of your body and into your field where it is easier to be transmuted into Divine Love and Light. In these sessions it is possible to clear not only current conditions but those passed down genetically through our family lines – thus clearing all the way back to the original Blueprint.

Energy Healing

is a process of transmitting divine energy frequencies designed and intended to align and calibrate your 5-Body system (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric) with your Soul’s Light frequency. The quotient of Light increases as the Soul expands and becomes able to take on purer, more refined vibrations of Light from the Source of All That Is. Therefore, this healing may be done more than once after your physical, mental and emotional systems adapt and get used to the new inner environment and the quotient of Divine Light that your Soul is emanating through your body.

When you experience this Healing, you will be required to drink extra water as it initiates a detox in your body. This can include the elimination of toxins and entities – including entities formed from traumas (this life and past life), entities formed from negative thought forms and ‘dis-information’ as well as those that have formed into dis-ease in your body, and any attachments.

For a minority of clients – It can be possible for any pain in your body to appear to become worse for 24hrs – 48hrs after a session – this will happen especially in the case of a long term blockage. Having said that – this is not the case for everyone and most people experience a state of bliss afterwards. However, as with all detox plans (energy, nutrition etc), there is a release. And this release can be on a physical, emotional or energy level – so there can be many symptoms that do come up as the toxins are revealing their Self to you as they leave. As I mentioned, it is usually mild and it doesn’t happen to everyone – after all, each and every person reacts to energy healing in such a unique way, depending on their sensitivity to energy, their energy system condition and what they need to release.
Because we are working with Divine Energy there is no need to have your Session in Person, a Skype or Phone Session work just as Potently as a Face to face session does.



One on One DNA Activation Sessions

Activations and Energetic Upgrade Sessions

  • Awaken, activate and open your DNA to your highest potential
  • Bring in centre balance and love into your souls point of light
  • Experience being very present, access pure awareness into a point of stillness
  • Open and awakens the gifts of your soul, divine purpose and connects you deeply into your soul consciousness
  • These sessions are highly individualised and tailored to your own energetic blue print
  • Shift your consciousness from the 3D (mental body) to the 5D (soul body) consciousness

Activations and Energetic Upgrade SessionsDuring these sacred sessions of Soul Ascension & Higher Dimensional Activations the energies deeply and powerfully permeate through your level of soul facilitating instant healing, awakening and calibrating your DNA that’s been dormant into a state of openness and expansion. It’s a very gentle yet profound experience where you will be calibrated into your higher wisdom, experience pure present awareness, activate & placed into a deep feeling of centre, balance and love into your point of light.

Sacred Geometry, Voice Activation, Re-Calibrations &, if applicable, imparting of Channelled Frequencies & Wisdom directly to you from your Soul Guidance into your temple so the integration happens seamlessly and with divine flow into your mind, body and spirit. These sessions allow and open many multidimensional gifts of your soul into current consciousness in order to awaken you to your divine purpose, higher soul mission and soul mastery in particular aspects that have deep meaning for you in this life time.

They also and most importantly begin the process of changing your carbon based cellular form into your crystalline cellular form allowing you to hold more and more Divine Light and the Higher Frequencies that are pouring onto the planet at this time in your physical Body.
NB: The Ascension Process that we and our beautiful Mother earth are going through at this time Will be solely accomplished in our physical vessels – this IS a process of changing our Physical forms into the crystalline forms which, at times, creates discomfort for our physical bodies or Ascension Symptoms (see below for common symptoms).

My Activations will assist you to integrate and traverse these upgrades to your body mind and soul so you can move through them faster and with more Grace and Ease…

Because we are working with Divine Energy there is no need to have your Session in Person, a Skype or Phone Session work just as Potently as a Face to face session does.


Attunement to the New Earth GRID – is happening now!
So book a session to make the most of these energies and begin to bring in more of the Light … and enter the New Earth or Golden Time faster and easier.


Personal Mentoring and Activations

If you are called to work more intensely or would like a more personal coaching program, I also work with individuals One on One. It’s for those who wish an even more accelerated awakening process and more intimate “spiritual” and life guidance and Coaching.

This consists of either Face to Face Sessions or Skype Sessions that run once a week and go for 2 hours.

Cost $150.00 per session or – Grab a bargain and book a 4 week block for only $450 … Yes you’ll get nearly 8 hrs of private One on One Time and 4 Activations, as well as 4 weeks of Daily Remote High Frequency Energetic Support for only $450

Sessions Via Skype, Email phone or in Person
Book a Block of Sessions at a Hugely Discounted Block of 4 – for $450

Ascension Symptoms

  • Extreme lethargy (feeling like you are drugged)
  • Time lapses or losses
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing ears
  • Bad moods, when you are supposed to be “happy”
  • Ravenous eating or no appetite at all (no normalcy with appetite)
  • No motivation to do anything
  • Either sleeplessness or sleeping all of the time (not your average eight hours), off and on. Sometimes 3-4 hours of sleep is enough however the next week feeling like you need 12 hours
  • Sore throat
  • Itchy skin or even breaking out in hives
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Lost, confused, lacking in direction?
  • Dizzy, Dizzy, REALLY REALLY DIZZY?
  • Your mind vague, you are having trouble focusing, thinking, communicating?
  • Your eyesights been playing up, like you are looking through a veil, or everything is blurry?
  • You’ve had nausea, diarrhoea or unsettled tummy’s?
  • You have had episodes of really big anxiety and/or emotional overwhelm?
  • You have had trouble getting grounded, OR
  • You have felt like a rusty old engine (joint stiffness) OR like you have been hit by a truck (sore all over)?
  • OR if you are lucky & have been holding space for others while feeling BLISSED OUT & totally in awe of life…