Personal Mentoring and Activations

If you are called to work more intensely or would like a more personal coaching program, I also work with individuals One on One. It’s for those who wish an even more accelerated awakening process and more intimate “spiritual” and life guidance and Coaching.

This consists of either Face to Face Sessions or Skype Sessions that run once a week and go for 2 hours.

Cost $150.00 per session or – Grab a bargain and book a 4 week block for only $450 … Yes you’ll get nearly 8 hrs of private One on One Time and 4 Activations, as well as 4 weeks of Daily Remote High Frequency Energetic Support for only $450

Sessions Via Skype, Email phone or in Person
Book a Block of Sessions at a Hugely Discounted Block of 4 – for $450

Ascension Symptoms

  • Extreme lethargy (feeling like you are drugged)
  • Time lapses or losses
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing ears
  • Bad moods, when you are supposed to be “happy”
  • Ravenous eating or no appetite at all (no normalcy with appetite)
  • No motivation to do anything
  • Either sleeplessness or sleeping all of the time (not your average eight hours), off and on. Sometimes 3-4 hours of sleep is enough however the next week feeling like you need 12 hours
  • Sore throat
  • Itchy skin or even breaking out in hives
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Lost, confused, lacking in direction?
  • Dizzy, Dizzy, REALLY REALLY DIZZY?
  • Your mind vague, you are having trouble focusing, thinking, communicating?
  • Your eyesights been playing up, like you are looking through a veil, or everything is blurry?
  • You’ve had nausea, diarrhoea or unsettled tummy’s?
  • You have had episodes of really big anxiety and/or emotional overwhelm?
  • You have had trouble getting grounded, OR
  • You have felt like a rusty old engine (joint stiffness) OR like you have been hit by a truck (sore all over)?
  • OR if you are lucky & have been holding space for others while feeling BLISSED OUT & totally in awe of life…