Gift of Light Language

Gift of Light Language


This year’s December Solstice Solar portal (21/22nd Dec) is offering us the opportunity to accelerate our Ascension Process into more of That Which We Truly Are … our God self and the Oneness or Quantum field. To support you all to become more fully embody the 5th dimensional frequency and consciousness, to more fully birth the New.

It is time to reassess the 2017 year which is coming to a close and Birth your 2018 in a way that is empowering and filled with Blessings.

I invite you to listen to this Mp3 Gift of Light Language to allow you to access and integrate more of these higher frequencies into your fields with Grace and Ease Thus to energize your super consciousness far beyond this physical expression of consciousness that you have known up until now …

NB: All my MP3’s are filled with perfect imperfections... i.e. there may be bumps in the music or in my words or outside noises from time to time... I strongly believe that the universe conspires to assist us in ways we are not yet able to understand and in our 3rd dimensional quest for perfection, we forget that our perceived imperfections are perfect and are our unique and precious energy signature and thus should be free of judgement... Thus I have not edited out the perfect imperfections in these recordings... It would be egotistical of me to do so for there is always a much higher reason for what we might perceive as less than perfect.....