Transcendence Star Essence

Transcendence Star Essence


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Transcendence Star Essence

How the Spray came about:

After my initial experience/activation with the Galactic’s, these magnificent Beings began to download me with huge amounts of information including how to work with sacred geometrical symbols and energy fields as well as Alchemy. I was taught the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated with pure activated high frequency water thus to be able to hold the Higher frequencies that would be available for us on the Earth plane. Water is a high conductor of energies and energy signatures and can easily be programmed with the essence of whatever is directed into it. I was directed to activate pure water in the pyramid they had me build (more pyramid info here) before drinking it to allow my body to hold more and more light. It was then only one more step for them to channel their High Vibrational Energies and produce this Alchemical formula of Highly Powerful Energetic Assistance for our greater good.

  • Studies have shown that people cannot heal in an energetically polluted environment, even if one is receiving high vibrational energies. By making the place where you live work and sleep a high vibrational space, you will be able to receive and integrate healing much faster, sleep better and connect easier to your Guides Angels and Star families.

What Alchemical Formulas & Actions are integrated into the Spray?

  • Unconditional Love, Bliss, Grace and Ease –
    Increases the vibration of love in you fields creating a flow of positive energy in your day
  • Ascension Frequencies Integration –
    Assists you to integrate the new ascension frequencies as they arrive on the Planet quickly and with fewer ascension symptoms
  • Removes Negative Portals –
    Shuts down and deactivates energy portals where unwanted entities can come in
  • Psychic Protection –
    Prevents and protects you from psychic attacks from other people, microwaves and entities
  • Aura Clearing –
    Helps to removes negative debris and unhealthy energy cords from your auric fields
  • Force Field  and Ascended Space –
    Renders you invisible to the negative forces – creates a protected force field that repels lower vibrational energies and raises the frequency of your Sacred Space
  • Higher Frequency Beings Assistance –
    Maintains a high vibrational state to better receive assistance from Angels and other Higher Level Light Beings that are here for you higher good
  • Remove Negative Entities –
    Uses its Divine Light Frequencies to Clear and heal ghosts, demons and other entities
  • High frequency healing intention of correction of actions – forgiveness – reconciliation – and LOVE
  • Not only Cleanses your Crystals but Amplifies their energetic signatures and healing frequencies.


How to Use

  • Spray your bedroom before bed for approximately 24 hours of protection and clearing while you sleep.
  • Spray any Dirty environments including spaces where there has been violence, trauma, arguments, sickness, entities, portals, or you have brought in attachments or negative thought forms (your own or another’s) that you have picked up.
  • Spritz your fields if you are under any psychic attack including any backstabbing or attempts at discrediting or dis-empowering you by lies or games.

With Transcendence Star Essence, you’ll be able to create a powerful force field of protection in any room as well as around any person you spray. It is imbued with frequencies to eliminate negative energies and close negative portals. It clears your Aura of negative energies and fills the cleared space with Divine Love, Bliss, Peace and Forgiveness of yourself and others. From the trials this miracle spray from our Galactic Families has been proven to also assist in the Integration of the Higher Frequencies that are pouring onto the planet at this time and has been of special assistance to those of us who are Star Beings Incarnate on the Planet in this momentous time.

You can safely spritz the Star Essence Spray around yourself knowing that you will be defended against any evil or unwanted influences that seek to enter your energy field without permission. The mist of Transcendence Star Essence Spray becomes a shield around you that is impenetrable to disincarnate souls and renders you invisible to negative forces – you will be able to feel your etheric body as strong and full of integrity.

We have also trialed a plain version (unscented) of Transcendence Star Essence Water in other ways and it has proven to be able to remove not only all of the above but also to remove toxins from the body… all of which created miracles:


Trialled on Humans taken orally

Taken orally the Alchemical Formula is at 100% strength so only a small amount per day is needed to create Big detox effects. As soon as I Channelled the Alchemical Formula I picked up the glass and took a big swig – immediately I got a resounding NO from the Galactics – they said the formula would create a detox effect with ingesting only 1 tablespoon in every 24 hour period and I had just sculled half a glass! Needless to say within a half hour I had to run to the bathroom as the detox effects clicked in and also to contend with the other detox symptoms of headache and body aches (I had taken about 10 times their recommended dose) – this formula is POTENT and filled with Star Frequencies, thus the recommended dose is not to be exceeded. This has been proven (accidentally) also by other Clients who were part of the Trial – My Partner came in after being around negative energies, he was acting all agitated with a polluted, murky energy field. He asked for a dose of the clearing tincture – there was just a little left in the bottle so I poured it into a glass and he drank it… immediately he began to feel much better and went back to work – however within 40 mins he came rushing back in to go to the bathroom – yes I had unintentionally given him a double dose which caused him to clear and detox.

Another Client was in the habit of taking the Tincture every morning before leaving for work, however, this particular morning she forgot so she took her dose after getting home late that night. She then took her normal dose the next morning as usual but it had only been 9 hrs between doses (not 24hrs) – she left for work but then had to turn around as the detox effect set in. There seems to be no pain nor discomfort associated with taking extra, however, for obvious reasons I suggest sticking to the recommended dose.

Taking the Oral Transcendence Formula will do everything the spray will do but in a more direct way and can aid the spray to clear and heal you of old stubborn gunk in the beginning.

  • Used it to clear out negative energy and entities from the body
  • NB: Negative Entities can be ANYTHING and Everything that is not pure light including disease, illness, negative thought forms, negative memories etc.


Trialled on plants

  • Produced a larger healthier plant with fast growth and fewer or no diseases
  • Kept a vase of flowers fresh and alive far beyond normal expectations (see pictures)
  1. Below – After 9 days flowers were still like freshly picked.
    Transcendence Star Essence - Trialed on Plants - Flowers - Day 9
  2. Below – After an incredible 28 days in the vase –the last week they actually ran out of water otherwise I believe the results would be even better.
    Transcendence Star Essence - Trialed on Plants - Flowers - Day 28


Trialled on Animals:

  • A Clients elderly dog was found to have breast cancer in the form of a large visible lump – not wishing to put her old dog through surgery, she began treating her beloved dog using the Transcendence Star Essence Spray directly on the lump and also giving the dog a tablespoon of the Transcendence Star Essence Water to drink daily. To her surprise the dog that had spent much of its time just laying around, was suddenly running around like a puppy!
  • Another client owns a Bernese Mountain Dog – they are renowned for getting eye infections – When the client noticed one of these infections happening, rather than rush her for the usual expensive vet trip, she simply bathed her dogs eye in the water and the infection cleared.
  • I myself used it on a one of my chickens who had been badly mauled by an intruder dog – by all accounts she should have died from her injuries – however I fed her the water and she healed.


What positive affects & intentions are included in the Spray?

  • Remove Negative Entities – clears and heals ghosts, demons and other entities
  • Unconditional Love and Bliss, Grace and Ease – increase vibration of love
  • Immediate Ascension integration – helps you integrate the new ascension frequencies as they arrive quickly and with fewer ascension symptoms
  • Remove negative portals – closes entity portals where entities can come in
  • Psychic Protection – protects you from psychic attacks from others and entities
  • Aura Clearing – removes negative debris and unhealthy energy cords from your aura
  • Force Field  and Ascended Space –  Renders you invisible to the negative forces – creates a protected force field that repels lower vibrational energies and raises the frequency of your Sacred Space
  • Higher Frequency Beings Assistance – maintains a high vibrational state to better receive assistance from Angels and other Higher Level Light Beings that are here for you higher good
  • High frequency healing intention of correction of actions – forgiveness – reconciliation
  • The higher vibrational frequencies last for 24 hours. In rooms with a lot of electronic equipment (computers, televisions, Wi-Fi, smartphones, cordless phones, etc.) it’s a much shorter period.
    Keep your bedroom free of as much electronic equipment as possible for healing purposes.
  • It is safe to spray more frequently. (I use it at least 2 times a day normally increasing the spritzing after all Healing and Clearings and all Activations on Clients)
  • You can spray family, loved ones and co-workers to clear their aura (with their permission). They will often feel calmer and happier almost right away. Children in particular respond well to the frequencies. Spray the area where they play, sleep or eat and it is likely you’ll have a happier child. It seems to work especially well to Spritz your children when they are tucked up into bed, to gift them with a more peaceful sleep. Tell them that this energy spray helps to clear yucky things that might make them feel bad and replaces it with good energy that will help them stay happy and get a good night’s sleep
  • The Oral Transcendence Star Essence is at 100% power and it may create excessive detoxification reactions. (I gave myself a severe headache and gastric) Therefore it is suggested that no more than 1 tablespoon of charged water be ingested per 24 hours. If there is no significant detox reaction, then you can increase the “dose”. Ingesting this tincture on a regular basis will greatly assist and accelerate your ascension process and allow your cells to hold more and higher light frequencies.
  • It is excellent to use on someone in hospital or recovering from illness. If you’re asked what you are spraying, you can say that you are spraying “water that has been blessed that helps support the healing process”

NB: All my MP3’s are filled with perfect imperfections... i.e. there may be bumps in the music or in my words or outside noises from time to time... I strongly believe that the universe conspires to assist us in ways we are not yet able to understand and in our 3rd dimensional quest for perfection, we forget that our perceived imperfections are perfect and are our unique and precious energy signature and thus should be free of judgement... Thus I have not edited out the perfect imperfections in these recordings... It would be egotistical of me to do so for there is always a much higher reason for what we might perceive as less than perfect.....