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Q: Hi - I'm interested in purchasing your MP3 downloads. Can you assist me some info please as I feel I need to raise my vibration. But you know more about which of your MP3s would be best?

A: Of course … many blessings to you. I am happy to choose just the right one for you that will set you off on the right healing path (which is always the Path to your Ascension) – however, I feel it would be more beneficial to begin with one the truly appeals to you … your Higher Self always knows best that which you require. Please select an MP3 from the “Progressive Section” and listen to it as often if possible – you will begin to notice subtle changes almost immediately and more energetic changes within a week of daily listening.

Q: I want to heal and get back out and shine. I feel like your meditations would be perfect to lift my vibration. I am finally feeling like myself.

A: Well you most certainly have a fabulous attitude! That goes a long way when it comes to healing…

Q: I just listened to the MP3 it is so beautiful!! The music, the pace of your voice . I want to promote you. I will do a post on Facebook. Can I listen to it daily or how do you suggest?

A: Yes definitely listen daily for at least 21 days… Then if you are ready, you can commence another MP3.

Q: Do you sage your space? Is it necessary? How do you know if you are a Starseed? How do I connect with my angels?

A: To answer some of your questions, no I don’t use sage as I personally don’t like the smoke, however, it is very important to keep your Aura and your Space clear. I (after my Activation by the Star Beings) channeled through a formula which they wanted me to use – it has had miraculous results for those that have used it and I call it Transcendence Star Essence. I have it available on my Website along with a lot of information about it. As I get more time on my Page I will put up all the great testimonials from the people who have used it – but at the moment I have not prepared the work. It may be something I can post through to you if you are interested, however, in the meantime if you are ok with the smoke, use sage The other thing would be Lavender oil as it is also very protective as is Amethyst crystal.

As for how to you tell if you are a Star Being … just the fact that you have been drawn to my page and to doing one of the Journeys tells me that you are … as from my earliest experience with them they just keep telling me that they will send the “ones” to me for activation ….. so yes that is you…

Your connection with your guides angels and your star family is already occurring … as to how long before you can have a “conscious experience” of this I can’t actually say – however – I can say that there is not one single person that has participated in my work that has not been able to eventually be in conscious contact and guidance from these magnificent powerful and loving beings of light. Each Journey not only builds a deeper connection, but also removes layers and layers of veils that have kept you disconnected up until now. Hope this has helped answer some questions … much love light and blessings to you and yours.


Thank you. You are a blessing. I wish I lived there I would go to your groups . I don’t like the sage smoke or the feel it feels heavy and earthy like man. I would love to hear your other technique of clearing and protection. I am a hairdresser by trade and I intend on going back, it’s the only trade I know. I get really bogged down by energy and it effects me. I love my clients and I care but I don’t want others to pee in my pool. Which is how it feels when they leave. I will be happy to write a testimonial for your system. I feel you can and do help a lot of people


Morning Sweet One … it is a magnificent day here in Diamond Beach and my Heart is so filled with gratitude and love it is such a blessing to be connected to someone who’s light shines so bright as for the daily energy clearing … if you are able to also do that daily (I suggest once a day unless you are experiencing disturbances and then do it as many times as you need) it will become quicker and easier over time. So this Mp3 will clear and protect whilst the Sacred Journeys will Activate and Connect you “Home” Please let me know how you go and share your experiences … Blessings Love and Light dear heart … Juanita

Q: I'm wondering if I'm a walk in or something strange. After that experience I can't tolerate alcohol or drugs of any sort and all I crave is water and lots of it. And I can't connect to my birth family I used to relate.

A: Yes, I have not been able to pollute my body with any alcohol etc since my experience either & find it difficult to relate to my birth family once your light has been activated you do become a beacon to earth bound spirits. There are 2 things I can say that are important – the first is that for you it is important to cleanse and protect your fields daily – I will send you through a daily Energy clearing it takes about 9 mins. Just like washing our bodies or cleaning our teeth we must clean our energy bodies everyday & if you are under attack or being visited by lower energies then it’s even more important as I said they are attracted to your light and you will also pick up crap off people around you as well – the trick here is to keep your energy field expanded our natural reaction is to contract but this only brings the unwanted energy closer to you doing the daily clearing will build your Light bodies and clear your fields of anything that’s not yours…

Q: I am full of questions, but I haven't met a person who "gets it". What is the difference between Starseeds, light beings, Angels?

A: I think the next query I wanted to address with you is the one about being a walk in – to be honest I am not sure, however, it would be perfectly possible for a Soul exchange to take place after a near death experience. I know several other people who have had near death experiences and they have ALL come back very different (In a good way) very aware … sensitive to chemicals and crap (from both people around them, their food and the environment) … I believe to hold the High Frequencies our bodies need to be very hydrated … I too drink a lot of water … water conducts energy hence we are able to hold more “light” in our body if our body is hydrated I believe you were given this information in the NDE and even if you don’t know consciously, on a soul level you are very aware. I also believe that not being able to relate to your family for a while is also “normal” as we are unable to relate to the old dramas and patterns (vibrations) of our birth family … Being the first in a family group to “Awaken” is often isolating – however – you are the way shower for others … be patient and allow this to unfold at the correct pace for you and all will be revealed … Anyway, beautiful Being of Light ….. I am not sure if I have answered all your questions dearest One ….. how are you finding the Journey and the Daily Practice? Blessings, Juanita

What is the difference between light beings, aliens and Angels?

Light Beings are working in the Highest Vibrations of Love and Divine Light for the greater good of all 🕊 Aliens (which they don’t like being called) like Humans can be either working with Divine Love or working for their own agendas – there are both negative and positive ET’s so it is important to be discerning and only allow those working in the highest Love for your highest good to connect. Angels have been and do work to assist us as well although quite a few people that have experiences with Angels are actually having experiences with Star Beings

Q: Do you think those beings of light that came to me in the near death experience were actually star beings? How do I find out where the two star beings were from that came to me?

A: The best way is to do your daily clearing & protection then just sit in that expanded state and ask to be shown whether they were Angels or your star Family doesn’t matter – they should appear as Light Beings and you will feel the great love! They have for you Sweet One, this may take a few attempts but persist & maintain unshakable faith and gratitude

Q: How did you get on the path?

A: In hindsight I was always on this path. I had experiences & visitations as a child, but I could not share because no one understood or believed me. I could always see Auras etc & I always felt different… I never felt like I fitted in although I tried hard to be like every one else. I just wasn’t, it was isolating & lonely for I had to hide my true self just to fit in – at nearly 30 I found a Spiritual Meditation Group & from the first time I meditated it felt like “Home” to me. Fast forward to 2013 & I had a 4 hr visitation with the most amazing Beings who reactivated dormant DNA – memory – & abilities to complete my mission of what I came here to do since then my whole life has changed in miraculous ways… I AM So Blessed!

Q: Were you living a somewhat normal life until your visitation? How did they come, in meditation or in your dreams? Or were you receiving a healing treatment and spontaneously was visited by beings??? I'm really interested in people's experiences

A: I was not meditating, nor was it a dream nor a healing. I found myself wide awake at 2 am in the morning and had a strong feeling to go downstairs 1, so I wouldn’t disturb my partner & 2 because I thought if I just went downstairs and did a meditation I would be able to go back to sleep … boy, was I in for a surprise!! There was a sort of electrical smell downstairs which I dismissed and things felt a bit weird, but I put it down to the fact that it was 2am – I sat down and started taking a few deep breaths listening to some beautiful music when suddenly a bright light appeared over my head like someone had turned the light on in the room and I felt a strong presence – and realized a huge golden being was standing beside me … I felt no fear – just an overwhelming feeling of Love … they felt very familiar and I wept because I realized I had missed them so very much??? Several other beings then materialized in the room – they were made of golden light too and greeted me like long lost family and I was so grateful to see them – that started an activation that lasted till dawn (4hrs) in which my body was poked, prodded, my head tilted back, golden beams shot into my body and upgraded – my cells were filled with light and all the time I felt safe and embraced with the most divine sublime feeling of love ….. when it was over and their energies faded away, I was still tingling and vibrating – I had so many sparkles in front of my eyes that I had real problems seeing for days afterwards. I went outside and sat on the grass to watch the sunrise and before long I had birds landing near me chattering at me like I knew what they were saying … I had a clear understanding about things I never had before and I was able to see through to peoples real selves, behind the masks … for ages afterward when I looked into a mirror I would be able to see what was directly behind me – like I was see-through … I needed to drink a lot of water (and still do) and I had no need for sleep for nearly a week afterwards and very little need for food because I was so completely nourished with the high frequencies. To this day I am still in awe and so humbled and in gratitude for that experience … it has changed my life completely…

Q: Hi, friend. I would love to hear of your alien encounter. I see you did a talk and I can't teleport to Australia. Do you have it recorded or written? Love. Ps I still do your 9 min clearing every day and feel so much clearer

A: Greetings Beautiful Being of Light I am sure you Will Tele transport sooner than you realise. I haven’t spoken at the conference yet it’s in January, but a lot of information will be on my new website and you will have the opportunity to read more about it then. I am going to run a mini workshop in September which will focused on our Galactic Families, you will receive a link to the website soon and I will add more of my story’s over time so glad you are maintaining your energy field and enjoying the process – much love to you Divine Being of Light. Will send you an excerpt real soon…

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