Are You Ready to Shift Realities and Dimensions?

In one way or another you are all beginning to experience indications of leaving time. Being even able to conceive in our Human consciousness what it is to be “leaving time” is so important because leaving time is one of the key symptoms of vibration into the fifth dimensional frequency.

A small percentage of humanity does fully realize what is occurring, however, there are more now who are beginning to gain an understanding of how life appears so different, yet concurrently, the same as always.

Your fifth dimensional consciousness processes information and stimuli much faster than your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. Therefore, once connected to this higher dimension, you begin knowing, receiving, envisioning and/or lucid dreaming concepts that are more aligned with the 5th dimension eg: inspirational, creative, and imaginative.

There are still those who are lost in the third dimension, but more and more, their friends, family, co-workers and even strangers will say or do something that will activate their Higher Dimensional Aspect.

When the Higher Dimensional Aspect of you is stirred into awakening and your consciousness expands you begin to “know” that you are connected to a higher frequency of reality … you become re-connected to that flow of light frequencies you begin to vibrate in a way that information, situations and people vibrating at a higher level just flow into your life in a way that from a 3D level could be seen as miraculous. It is a simple case of whatever frequency level you are vibrating at is the frequency level in which you will interact in this world – what you give out you get back.

Your higher dimensional consciousness processes reality much faster than a third/fourth dimensional brain. Correspondingly, your fifth dimensional consciousness yearns for creation. Therefore, as you awaken to your true, higher states of consciousness, you will find your selves yearning to be creative in some way or another. You will also begin to grasp the concept that you are a powerful creator – once this knowing awakens, you will be far more discerning as to who you allow in your energetic space … what thoughts you allow yourself to have and what you envision for yourself and the Planet, for you now have the Knowing that you Will manifest whatever you put energy into. There is no correct or incorrect way to be creative. When you are allowing your inherent, inner higher dimensional aspect of you to guide your life, you discover a steady stream of imagination, creativity, inspiration, and most important, the desire to serve others.

In the initial stages of re-membering yourself as a higher vibrational being, your lower dimensional aspect may become a little confuse by what is suddenly presenting. As time passes though, your higher dimensional aspect becomes more into full operational mode in your daily life you may experience a new level of meditations and dreams. Your dreams will probably begin to give you glimpses of life in a different dimension or Planet or Star ship, all of which will feel like “Home”.

In the beginning you may be unsure if you can share these dreams and visions with others, nonetheless as your vibratory fields and physical body has been able to embody more and more of these higher frequencies, you will find that more and more people will make a mention about similar experiences and you will then be able to share your experiences – opening the way for more, and, creating a wonderful network of beautiful Soul Family to support, enhance and assist each other to continue to embody more and more light.

Once you begin to release more of the limitations that you accepted in your third dimensional thinking, your brain creates new pathways for your higher dimensional hearing or Clairaudience, your higher dimensional thinking or Clairvoyance, and your higher dimensional senses of smell or Clairsentience. Accompanying this will be an ability to see what was previously invisible to you … things that vibrate at a Higher Dimensional Frequency cannot be seen by those vibrating at a lower denser frequencies. Once you have managed to cross the threshold a whole a new world becomes available. Once you pierce this veil you cross the Bridge to Freedom.

It was my experience, that in the beginning the higher dimensional information I was receiving did not make a lot of sense, however as I integrated the information and embodied more light I was able to personify them fully into my daily life.

These inter-dimensional messages open you up to more and more memories of life in other dimensions, planets and home as well as why you chose to come here at this time.

All this is up to you, you have a choice as to how and what you wish to experience in this life, however, fully connecting to and being able to communicate with the Higher Aspect of you opens up a life of magic, grace, flow and ease. Once the route has begun for you, it will bring rise to a release of all that is stored in your Earth Vessels cellular memory that is Not of the Higher vibrations – as your cells fill with more and more light from the higher dimensions, lower energies will be pushed out and lifted to the surface to be release out of your cells and transmuted. It is vital to not to see yourself as a victim in this process – remember this process of activating your innate powers is a choice and if you feel you are not ready to receive then the choice is always yours.

If you are ready, then simply commit yourself to the process – create a daily meditation practice, keep a note of your dreams etc, allow yourself to become part of a community of like minded people who are embracing this journey into the higher dimensions and higher way of existing. If this has not happened yet then in your daily mediations, call in your Incarnate Soul Family … and watch what vibrates to you … most of all practice gratitude for every little breakthrough and every little sign and more shall be given unto you 🙂

Have a magical week!

Blessings love and Light,


Pic from: Actividea