Solstice Gateway Portal is Next Saturday 22nd of June

Greetings Beloveds
Well it has been quite some time since I last posted or sent out a Newsletter to you all.
There has been much transmutation going on planetary wise and on a very personal level for us all (including me – hence my sabbatical)

I have now settled in a beautiful tiny log cabin near Mt Tomah in the Blue Mountains NSW and feel I have the energy and the space to continue with the work that is to be done…. And believe me there is much to do Precious Hearts!
My Cabin is an oasis from the chaos of the world and is located only 10 minutes from a very Powerful Site and Star Gate. (Photo Above)
My visits there always elicit a “larger than life”, “other wordly” experience and I feel blessed and privileged to be directed to this Sacred Place and allowed to both access and work with the High Frequencies there. I hope to take you all there in the near future as I feel it is to be part of All our experiences and an important access point for everyone. Those whom I have Journeyed with there so far have all been privy to it’s awe.
Which brings me to my next point.
Next Saturday the 22nd of June is the Solstice Portal opening.
This Portal Opening allows us all direct access to Pure Source Frequencies, and the Star Gate is a perfect space to conduct a Sacred Journey. Thus I have been instructed to run an Event which will culminate in a Sacred Journey Activation overlooking the Star Gate on top of the Petroglyphs which are there.
On this day we will be working as a Team to upgrade the timelines and take back a important leyline. To best accomplish this, all who participate will be taken through a deep clearing and healing (including EMF’s, any darkness, negative thought forms, entities etc from their fields) prior to going to this Sacred Site. This is as I was instructed – the Clearing Journey which I have been given, will be conducted in the morning before we head to the Star Gate, so I will take everyone through a deep Pre-Activation Healing and Clearing Session prior to the Solstice Portal Activation. Both of these Journeys will be a ceremony for you to take part in with sacred action and ritual, as well as a multidimensional activation.

We are all sitting in energy that is all about new information, new ideas, new inspiration….. the old must and will give way to the new.
The coming Solstice is going to bring in an alignment with galactic centre, and this is a really powerful time for a data download. Data downloads are what brings us clarity and energetic stability in these rapidly changing times as well as accelerating our integration with our Higher Dimensional Selves … something we are All in the process of doing at this time. To best accomplish this we must “make way” for the new by clearing out the old 😊
This Solstice, with its alignment to the Galactic Centre and more, opens the field to also “download” a higher level of our multidimensional self, while removing or downgrading the ego’s grip that keeps us in our current situation – thus allowing us to move forward “without the brakes on!” so to speak.
And so its important to note that during Solstice week, while the gateway portal is open, you have direct access to this God Source – to super consciousness. Your pineal will be highly attuning itself to the Galactic centre and source. And so we are able to evolve with less interference and restriction, allowing our Transpersonal Conduit to open more to spiritual guidance and knowing. Believe me when I say Dear Ones that our entire existence is morphing into the blueprint of crystallization, and this crystallization (like all crystals) holds massive amounts of light – energy – and information …. So I ask you to consciously Embrace the photons in light form from the Great Central Sun which is available throughout this Gateway Portal.
Whether you join me in the Blue Mountains or access this Gateway in your own way it is an opportunity not to be missed – especially when it is leading us into the Eclipse Season in a couple of weeks followed by the Lions gate Portal ….. no time for napping Dear Ones … lets get to work and transmute and embrace all we are capable of!

The Solstice Event next Saturday will begin at 10am at the cabin in Bilpin with a meet and greet
We will then proceed with the Clearing and Healing Session to allow us to complete the ceremony at the Star Gate without hindrance and as empty vessels ready to be filled with light frequencies.
After this ceremony we will share an early Lunch (please bring a plate to share) before heading up to the Star Gate which is about a 10 min drive further up the Mountain.
At the Star Gate we will have a smoking ceremony to acknowledge and honour the traditional guardians of the Land before heading up the petroglyphs overlooking the Star Gate.
Once settled at the Star Gate we will commence with the Solstice Gateway Portal Sacred Journey – after which you are free to explore or make your way home.

What to Bring:
Please bring plenty of water as these session always bring with them a deep thirst.
Please bring any snacks you feel you might need
Please bring a small plate to share for lunch (I will have a big pot of soup in the middle of the table)
Please bring a yoga mat – mat or rug to sit on – or alternatively a camp chair

The Offering for this Event will be $25 or what you can afford

Payment on the day is very welcome but you will still need to Register and can do so by emailing me at:- or texting me on 0412970714
You will be sent the address and a detailed Schedule and Map once registered.

Alternatively To Register Online, simply click the link to the Website fill in the form adding in the note section that its for the Solstice Event and pay the offering of $25
Please copy and paste this link to Register and Pay Online:
I would love you :to join me and the other Light Workers on the day. As we gather together dear ones we form a powerful integrated conduit to access All that is being made available to us to anchor these new frequencies firstly into ourselves and then into the Mother. This first gathering will pave the way for future events where we can gather, share and Journey together deeper into our Ascensions.

With Love Blessings and Light