Testimonials from the Galactic Family of Light Workshop

Galactic Family of Light Workshop

Juanita Hall is an amazingly approachable teacher who presented a complex topic in a fun, relaxed, confident and competent manner – with a wide base of knowledge based on her ‘Direct contact”. She demonstrates total attention, empathy, compassion and understanding with you as she guides you on ‘your’ path of exploration. A beautiful lady with a huge Mission 🙂

Hearing about each Galactic family and the descriptions of their qualities and attributes was a valuable part of the workshop for me. I’d love to see a map or more images of the Planets as well. The first activation was really sensation orientated – I did come in and out but think I heard the whole thing. In the second – here I experienced really strong emotions – connecting through my throat chakra – for me this sacred journey felt really familiar – as if I had done it before? The third activation was a re-connection with the ‘3’ Beings who had visited me in 2007.

What surprised me during the workshop was that I felt pain in my head from the pineal decalcification process and then it suddenly vanished! I had tears of love in both the 2nd and 3rd activation and also lost sensation in my legs as if I was paralyzed in the 3rd. I regained my voice yet during the activations but was so overwhelmed by the experience I couldn’t talk to explain it. I would love to learn so much about the higher frequencies and would love things from Juanita to read. There is nothing else in my life previously to compare my experience and I would recommend this to other students. I would love a written transcript of the activational journeys we did at the workshop as I couldn’t remember what happened 🙂

Everything about Juanita’s workshop was really valuable including the activations, the people the sharing, the organic vegetarian food – the whole combination was magic.

I found the Activations immensely powerful, life changing and amazing.

I always expect big things when working with Juanita. The intensity of the Activations and my response to them was a surprise but a pleasant one. I will definitely be continuing my Journey & growth though the Journeys Activations and Healings with Juanita.

There is not enough words to describe the intense and profound experiences you have when working with Juanita. She is pure passion & love a true one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for growth, change, soul connection and forward thinking then Juanita is your girl. Trust, have faith and jump.

Claudia. C

Juanita was brought into my life almost 3 years ago. I’ve always felt alone and different and never felt I fitted in. Through her Groups, I’ve learned things or “re-membered” things through her activations that have helped me to evolve & have full acceptance of myself. I felt I really belonged for the first time.

Juanita provides a non judgmental space for evolution, healing and belonging. Would I recommend Juanita? Yessss x a billion!

Natalie. R

The Workshop with Juanita was excellent. I found All the Activations during the workshop very valuable I felt a wonderful energy during each one with lots of downloads and a deep feeling of wellbeing. I hope to participate in more of Juanita’s Workshops to support my Journey in the Higher Dimensions in the future.

I really like the use of the tuning fork prior to the activations. It has been wonderful attending Juanita’s Groups as well. They are consistently very high very powerful energy and I feel safe experiencing the activations under Juanita’s guidance. I would definitely highly recommend this work to other students of the Universe.

Jo. W

I found Juanita’s Workshop most valuable – for me it was wonderful coming together with all of the beautiful souls in such a beautiful Sacred Space. I really enjoyed sharing this energy with so many kindred spirits. The knowledge that Juanita shared with us is truly wonderful. I truly appreciate Juanita sharing her gifts with us all.

I found the Activations an amazing experience – and even more amazing is that the energy was taking me out before we even started! Hard to put into words … euphoric!

During this workshop Juanita asked everyone to participate in a rain making ceremony that was pretty amazing, which was an unexpected (even for her) addition. The toning /singing and ceremony was very powerful. Can’t wait to participate in the Fire drumming circle tonight!

There was nothing that could have improved the workshop – great space! Great people! Great Star Beings! Great Food!

Juanita is amazing, powerful, beautiful, uplifting, there truly aren’t enough words to describe the experience you will have with Juanita. Love it, love it love it! I would highly recommend working with Juanita.


My experience of working with Juanita over such a short period has given me the confidence to speak my truth. Her Sacred Journeys and workshop has opened the doors to new understandings and stepping forward on ‘the’ path.

This workshop was perfect. All 3 activations provided insight and activation through Light Codes and downloads of knowledge and it was valuable to connect within a large powerful group. It certainly gave me an understanding of Light Beings.

I most defiantly would love to see the Children of ‘now’ experience the activation & the energy of “who they Are’. The whole experience was excellent and I highly recommend Juanita’s work to others and will be continuing to work with Juanita in the future.

Rochelle. B

I loved the Activations they were really good and it was valuable for me the way we were all able to share our experiences after each activation. It was great to hear others share their journeys. I arrived with no expectations and was surprised by the whole experience including the Activations. I would recommend others to experience this energy and hope Juanita continues her work – it is excellent.

I enjoyed working in the pyramid and recommend she build a bigger one (only fits 10 people at a time). Overall it’s a Must Do!!

My experience with Juanita was one of very much anticipated excitement. I could feel the ‘Buzz’ and downloading for a couple of weeks beforehand and it escalated on the day. The 3 activations in one day were a first time for me & I was not disappointed! I have been looking forward to meeting my Galactic Family & I now have a better understanding of myself and how much more confident I feel about myself and my abilities and talents. It was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed it all, but nothing surprises me with Juanita anymore.

I felt some exhaustion by the last activation which only lasted until we ate and drank more of the organic food and pyramid water which grounded everything in. Juanita does a wonderful job of supporting us and instructing us 🙂

Juanita is a wonderful caring Being who is a delight to be with.

The Group dynamic at Juanita’s Workshops was valuable and also hearing others speak and share their individual experiences after each activation. The middle activation was best for me, although the last one was funny and humorous at times – all 3 activations were very High Vibrational. I have worked with Juanita many times before and this is why I came along to the Workshop. I feel Juanita’s work is very important and I wanted to be able to share the experience with others.

Of course I will seek support from Juanita for my Journey into the Higher Dimensions and I will also look on her Website as I think I’ll access more learning.

The whole experience was absolutely beautiful where I felt the most amazing energies and energetic shifts. As a facilitator Juanita is very expansive with her knowledge and generous with sharing her experiences.

Melissa. M

Juanita is a wonderful relaxed presenter with great knowledge coming through from higher dimensions. I would Highly recommend her workshops to others – I thank you (Juanita) and spirit for the activation’s.

I loved the warm relaxed atmosphere of the whole workshop and the way it was presented by Juanita ….. plus the Food!

The Activations were very profound …yes… not remembering anything in the 2nd Activation (Juanita did mention that blanking out in the higher frequencies was often experienced by participants) Also experiencing seeing “myself” come back into my body in the 3rd activation – great 🙂

Overall the Workshop experience with Juanita was excellent and I would definitely recommend the experience to others.

John. B

Great workshop! Perfect! Loved it! This workshops with Juanita are so much fun! Her warm caring nature puts you at ease straight away and she explains things really well. The energy Juanita brings in is incredible – a very high frequency comes into the room that you can absorb. Thanks Juanita for a great day!

During the Workshop I experienced working in the Lightship and the High Energy. The opportunity for visions and messages and knowledge in that High Frequency – and Juanita’s ability to make it fun and explain things well.

In the activations I could feel my body surrounded by light and then absorbing it. I could visualize what was being guided very clearly. I was surprise by how deep I went into the experience. It was excellent and I would recommend Juanita to other students.

I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to everyone. You will receive and abundance of love and high frequency energy.

Connecting with Star Beings – it was so real and loving. They told me what I would be doing in the next chapter of my life – yes I couldn’t have thought of what I would have been doing with my logical mind. Juanita has supported by journey in the higher dimensions just by being who she is. It was excellent and perfect the way it was run.

I met Juanita for the first time today at her workshop and immediately felt a “coming home” connection with her. She is very well organized – well coordinated and everyone responds to her friendly personality. I am grateful for her energy that embraced us all. It was a relaxed atmosphere is obviously lovingly honed and presented.

The activations facilitated a connection to higher energy in a comfortable community. I experienced knowing I was held in a space of love and acceptance during the Activation Also the energy “jolts”….. how all-encompassing and palpable was the energy!

Thank you Juanita the Workshop was wonderful and hope you will run more that I can attend in the future.

A fantastic way to spend a Saturday with a High Vibrational Facilitator and group. Juanita took us on a Journey opening us up to ever expanding potential. The whole day was well done – great food, environment and great Hosts.

The gift of receiving the energy was such a wonderful opportunity … thank you Juanita. In the first activation I was present and powerful – the 2nd one I was taken completely out and the third one also. So much gratitude it was amazing energy and very clear. The group connection, the openness and Juanita’s facilitation of the group was expanding. I hope Juanita offers more activations in the future. It was excellent.


Juanita’s sessions are always heart warming and sincere. Its wonderful to share the experience with a group of warm and non-judgmental people who are living their lives at a higher vibration. I always come away with a feeling of peace and optimism.

For most of the Activations I was take “out of it” but it felt the comfortable, warm and loving energies. I loved the High Energy Level and the feeling of total acceptance. I hope Juanita will continue to provide the Friday group meetings and hopefully run other similar workshops – it was excellent.

Maureen. D

Juanita is very natural and truly herself. She makes people feel very comfortable and at ease. She is easy to open up to and talk with. She is a very caring sensitive person and treats all equally!

I thought the workshop was excellent and would recommend it to others looking to reach Higher Dimensions. I felt invigorated and rejuvenated after the activations and found them to be an uplifting experience in a space of love and positivity. I hope Juanita keeps giving/doing more workshops.

Juanita is loving and sharing and the whole experience of the workshop was perfect. Just her hospitality alone was beautiful and welcoming. I experienced a feeling of great love during the Activations. I found Rosemary’s experience and sharing of being shown during the activations how to heal cells in our bodys amazing. I loved being with like minded people in the High Vibrations. It was excellent and I want to participate more in Juanita’s work.

Christine. M

I am just learning about meditation and energy and am only beginning to open up to all of this and I have to admit it was a little weird for me when we did the first Activation – I found it surprising that a 45 + minute Journey felt like 15 mins and I am feeling more and more things opening up. I’ve got a lot to learn. I feel I am getting a lot more attuned to my body in meditation and am learning to feel truly relaxed, happy, comfortable and loved. I thought the workshop was excellent and I would definitely recommend it to those that are ready.


I found the downloads during the Activations most valuable and I consciously asked before the Activations that I receive the max 🙂

During the Activations I blanked out (Juanita did say prior to the start that this is common during her activations) – Activation 1 – blank. Activation 2 – blank. Activation 3 – blank. I don’t usually blank out when participating in any of this type of thing and I know I wasn’t asleep as I am a very light sleeper and any snoring or movement or sounds around me would have woken me. The experience was very good and I would recommend Juanita to other people.


I have only worked with Juanita twice and I was very happy to recognize how warm and loving Juanita and her partner are. I was extremely happy with the way in which communication is expressed to all with reflection for the personal journey of each individual. The fluidity in which Juanita shares and teaches. I was taught so much even in just basic living and the importance to now become more focused to help and assist with doing lightwork.

You can see the overwhelming love within in and I feel that in my heart with her genuinely and I feel there can be a time for small group interactions to bring out and build up confidence for some people to help them grow within. I am blessed to have met her.

It was wonderful to be in a meeting of like-minded people and seeing the gratitude from each and every one who participated in the workshop and shared their experience with openness. It was a wonderful experience for me to see the Angels around, floating upwards whilst activating the 12 strands of DNA. Sharing familiarities with the group at the workshop with high acceptance to what IS during the group discussions and understanding new experiences was excellent.

Wendy. C

One on One Advice – Testimonials

I love the journeys MP3. I was able to go salsa dancing and for the first time in about 20 years I was able to manage my energy!! I didn’t drink. And I didn’t feel any lower stuff! Also I took your advice and let it “shine”. Had a blast! Thank you

Juanita, since listening to the awakenings clearing and protection MP3, I feel like I have my life back! I used to go out in public and attract every dark and scary energy. Now I listen to the MP3 daily and I feel a cocoon of love and support. I have even gone out to the nightclub, and to a drug rehabilitation centre to volunteer. No moodiness the next day! It is a miracle! I feel like I can be a blessing to the world, without constant fear of psychic attacks! I have a new found confidence and feel safe to shine my light into the world!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! – All my love

Kristin De La Cruz

I had to wait a while to write it because all kinds of things were happening. The biggest thing is no earthbound visits!! And your MP3 works better than saging which I forgot to say!!! But I want to tell you how grateful I am. I have a huge light in me that worked like a thermostat if people were happy it would amplify it by a million and if there were dark energy it would be just as strong. Now I can focus on being happy. I don’t even know all the details I just know that you are great at transferring energy. Thank you

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