Time As We Know It Is Dissolving!


Greetings Divine Ones,

Well it’s been a fast paced start to the year with not much end in sight any time soon!

As with many of you reading this article I have been in a state of “chasing my tail” as time as we know it dissolves and everything moves into hyper-speed. With is in mind, it’s more important than in previous times to listen and honour our physical bodies.

We are now in a range of light frequencies which are changing our Light-body structure into a new state. Firstly on the Etheric and then Physically. As part of this process our interval between cause and effect is also becoming instantaneous for us now and these changes are happening very rapidly!

Some of us are having intense and exhausting activations as these larger cosmic energies come into range. Use the days, hours or moments when you feel stabilized to clear pollution out of your body be it physical spiritual or mental, clear, simplify and make room for a fresh way of be-ing.

The frequencies will grow stronger beginning the week of March 11. They will then step up again just before the  March Equinox, with an even stronger event after the Equinox.

Our Crystalline Light Body DNA is activating at an Accelerated Rate with ever increasing waves of the higher frequencies being downloaded into our DNA daily. This is wonderful in that it brings our physical bodies “online” and allows us to hold even more of the light “That which we are”.  Each new wave is making the unconscious old programs we hold in our cells become conscious for identification and transcendence. Thus, as we all hold more light our physical bodies will continue to transform into higher and higher forms.

As our physical vehicle holds more light it will proceed in its transformation and change.

This will no doubt at times take a physical toll on our systems and how we honour this process within our physical bodies becomes vital . The temptation to look outside ourselves to gain ways to “ease” the discomfort is there for all of us, however, that is not the way forward in these new times dear ones. Tune into your body and ….  listen …. what is your body asking for ? What resonates in this moment ? You will be guided as to how to honour your body in this moment, and this guidance, may change from day to day, moment to moment. There are no more rules and the only rituals you should proceed with must be as directed and guided by your own body/higher self.

Insecurities and anxieties surface during times of change and our life can appear to be messy and sometimes downright scary. Remember: Take the time to meditate often, be at peace, visualize the New Earth as often as possible. Speak positive words, they create as strongly as your thoughts and emotions. Patience, gratitude, forgiveness. Resolve your unresolved. Let go of any judgment and your current misinterpretations about who is good or bad for these may be extremely distorted. Everything is being done to assist positive outcomes for humanity and our beautiful Mother earth. Unity and gathering in your Soul Groups is your safe haven.

As I have touched on in earlier blogs – this Ascension is an inside job J It is not about disconnecting from our bodies and floating away for ever, its about “Em-BODY-ing our light, our majesty, our creator powers, the All that we Are here in our physical form. This experience can and will bring with it feelings of discomfort … both physical and emotional … it’s a part of the process and occurs when the vibration we are resonating at has raised high enough for our Higher Consciousness DNA to re-activate. Bless it and be of the mind set that its OK to rest when your body is tired, its OK to need to remove yourself from people and situations that create disharmony whilst you process your hidden fears and programming which caused the disharmony in the first place. Honouring and Loving yourself first and foremost is of paramount importance now.

Be not afraid dear ones for our Galactic Family are all here for us at every moment – “never forget that as soon as you ask, we are there” And the most important member of your Galactic Family is YOU … it is your Higher Self …. and when you get quiet and just listen … all you need to know is given to you there.

Of course in our day to day rushing and scrambling to accomplish, do and be, it is easy to become disconnected and forget that which we are. As we are being sharply awakened now, things can get intense because the Ego does not like to take responsibility and will insist on keeping things the same, out of fear.

It is with gaining the ability to recognize when the ego is present (which always coincides with the heart being closed) that we shall then be able to see the patterns, the habits and fears, the separation and programs and dissolve it all yourself with Love. Once mastered, this allows a returning to our full power within yourself, your full light and from this frequency, we will no longer accept less than Love in our world. It is our responsibility to work on remaining “awake” and in our heart centres and to not falling back into slumber or amnesia and go unconscious.

In the beginning of this journey we slip in and out of consciousness of our heart frequency, however, with practice and a commitment we can remain for longer periods in that higher resonating frequency. This I believe is what we are being asked to do not just for ourselves but for those on the Planet that are still deeply asleep and unconscious. Your own evolutionary and awakening journey/processes shift the field of the collective and you are being showered with much gratitude for ALL that you do here.

Remember … I AM here for you if you need me

Blessings Love and Light


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