Weekly Groups

Meditation Journeys and Psychic Development

I Facilitate Weekly Groups of Higher Connection Journey Work at Yarramundi and at Diamond Beach.

The Groups are a supportive and loving environment for you to gently awaken and connect to your Families of Light … and your gifts, abilities and powers … to receive answers and guidance on your path and Activations to accelerate your remembering and re-connection to the Star Beings.

In these Activational classes you WILL connect to your Higher Power, your Higher self – you will have more clarity – be calmer and finally know you are surrounded by loving beings – you are never alone and you are powerful beyond your measure. Learn to tap into this infinite power within and watch as your life blossoms.

$25 per session – approx 1.5 to 2 hrs followed by refreshments

Yarramundi Groups: Monday Evenings at 7:30pm & Tuesday Mornings at 9:30am

Diamond Beach Groups: Friday Evenings at 6:30pm

Each session will start with a current/frequency/energy update or information on relevant ascension topics, followed by a Sacred Journey/Activation & finishing up with developing your physic abilities and learning to work with energy as well as healings.


Personal Coaching and Activations

If you are called to work more intensely or would like a more personal coaching program, I also work with individuals One on One. It’s for those who wish an even more accelerated awakening process and more intimate “spiritual” and life guidance and Coaching.

This consists of either Face to Face Sessions or Skype Sessions that run once a week and go for 2 hours.

Cost $120.00 per session or – Grab a bargain and book a 4 week block for only $ 250 … yes you get 8 hrs of private One on One Time and Activations as well as 4 weeks of Daily Remote High Frequency Energetic Support for only $250.00


Sacred Gatherings For Portal Openings & Sacred Events

I also facilitate sacred gatherings at specific times and portals during the year, please see below the report for last years 11:11 portal activation:

Report from 11:11 portal activation

We had an amazing and very successful Sacred Gathering to anchor in the new 11:11 Rose Gold Energies to the planet and reopen a planetary energy portal in my Pyramid at Diamond Beach. I welcomed a group of the most Beautiful Sparkling and Powerful Women who are awakening more fully to their Star Origins – the activations were powerful and assisted by a room full of sparkling beings from on high and a powerful burst of violet and green frequencies sent from my partner Paul who was busy grounding the energies and holding space as we moved out some old earth energies to make way for the new Rose Gold Frequencies ✨✨✨ it was a powerful magical experience and after all was done and the last Goddess was about to part (reluctantly) for home – there came directly over the house a group of black cockatoos sweeping joyfully in a circle directly overhead – as we watched in ore – more of these sacred messengers arrived all circling overhead with such a ruckus – never have I seen such a display – it was breath taking and lasted quite a while as more birds joined the circling screeching circle directly over the pyramid – a most miraculous sign of the success of the Gathering and a joyful celebration.
🌟💖✨💛 thank you sacred ones thank you 💖
As this was completed the next faze was commenced down near the Blue Mountains with a Sacred Aspect of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine fulfilling the final completion of the portal opening 🕊🕊🕊 many thanks Beautiful Amazing Beings of Light ✨💖🌟